Some Stats Updates

There have been a couple updates made to a couple of the stats on the site and some new data for 2010 added.

1. Total Zone and Total Zone with Location Data (TZL) are now available for the 2010 season. They’re in all the fielding sections, leaderboards, etc….

2. wRC+ has been updated to fix an issue with the league baselines. As a result for 2010, all NL players are now -4.01 and all AL players are -2.58. This will have some effect on all seasons with a similar uniform effect for AL and NL players. Big thanks to Kincaid for alerting us to the issue.

3. Pitcher BABIP has been updated to use TBF instead of estimating AB through IP. This has been a long time point of contention with our BABIP calculation. For years where TBF is unavailable, the old method is still being used (years prior to 1916 and most projection systems). As a result, BABIP’s for pitchers will show as lower than they were, but the baseline is also lower. The ordering of players remains extremely similar and the correlation between estimating AB’s using IP*2.82 and using TBF is about .99. The BABIP formula we are currently using for pitchers is (H – HR) / (TBF – BB – HBP – HR – SO).

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David Appelman is the creator of FanGraphs.

14 Responses to “Some Stats Updates”

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  1. Barkey Walker says:

    Is the 2.82 stationary over time/baseball eras?

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    • Barkey Walker says:

      Hmm, answer my own stupid question here. If the correlation is 0.99, there is no room for variation of any sort.

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  2. Lukehart80 says:

    Does this mean other stats that incorporate this data have also changed/updated?

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  3. William says:

    David – Do you have the average and/or median BABIP, or something approximate, for the present era?

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  4. gradygradychase says:

    If you incorporated xBABIP along with your revised BABIP category, it would be better off.

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  5. hobokenPauli says:


    Does Fangraphs have a stat for starting pitchers: Innings pitched/GS.

    I looked for it twice (nearly a hour) and couldn’t find it.

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  6. William says:

    Again, you say the baseline is also lower for BABIP… what is it now, then? Otherwise, how to judge that element of potential pitching luck?

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  7. theflash141 says:

    Any chance you can update the “Quick Glossary” for standard and advanced fielding metrics?

    I was looking at them the other day and had trouble deciphering some of the acronyms that have no explanation. For instance, I have no idea what OOZ, BIZ, or FSR stand for.

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  8. thebravestway says:

    Will fangraphs have Zips projections avaiable anytime soon?

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