Splits Leaderboards

On all the leaderboards pages, you can now filter by all sorts of splits, including handedness, batted ball type, home/away, leverage, etc…

Want to know who the 4th best qualified pull hitter was last season according to wRC+? No problem; it was Paul Konerko.

How about which second baseman hit the most home runs against right handed pitchers?

Or even which pitcher had the lowest FIP on the road?

Splits filtering can also be done at the full team level, in the team pages, and in the My Team sections of the site.

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David Appelman is the creator of FanGraphs.

23 Responses to “Splits Leaderboards”

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  1. Andy S says:

    Truly awesome, thanks!

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  2. Jerry says:

    Holy frick – the content you guys provide for free is simply astounding. I don’t know how you do it, but it’s just another reason this is one of the best sites on the interwebs ever.

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  3. JoeS says:

    Good stuff. Gracias.

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  4. This made my week. Thanks so much!
    One question on the bunt splits – am I correct in assuming that PA represents all bunts hit into play?

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  5. Scooby says:

    You guys did it again!! Please also continue to do more podcasts.

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  6. tangotiger says:

    David: can you move the “last x calendar years” into a separate pull down box? And can you make the “x” float for longer than 3?

    I’d like to answer: who was the best hitter in high-leverage situations over the last 5 years.

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  7. JohnG says:

    Awesome thanks David! Any chance we can get first and second half leaders though? I was looking for 2nd half leaders the other day but couldn’t find it anywhere

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  8. Chris says:

    I almost feel bad to ask for it, but could we get HLDs for relievers?

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  9. Baron Samedi says:

    Wow, Jose Bautista .679 pull ISO.

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  10. Matt says:

    Wow this is amazing. I have one suggestion of adding pre and post a.s. break splits

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  11. AustinRHL says:

    This is fantastic, David. I know it took a lot of work to implement this, but I’m really glad that you did, and it added enormously to the site. Thank you very much!

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    • AustinRHL says:

      Whoa, some pretty crazy stuff comes out of the small sample sizes. For instance: did you know that Michael Bourn had a .523 wOBA (?!?) in high leverage situations this year? You also see just how outrageously good Votto and Gonzalez are to the opposite field.

      Thanks for adding tERA to the leaderboards, too. It’s a nice complement to the fielding-independent statistics.

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  12. grady says:


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  13. Choo says:

    Thanks for the early X-mas present. So much fun to play around with. For example . . .

    A list of the 15 worst pull hitters of 2010 features a dozen micro-slashers, Jeter, Kotchman and . . . Matt Wieters? That’s not a good sign.

    Juan Pierre
    Cesar Izturis
    Nyjer Morgan
    Michael Bourn
    Skip Schumaker
    Chone Figgins
    Elvis Andrus
    Casey Kotchman
    Derek Jeter
    Brendan Ryan
    Omar Vizquel
    Denard Span
    Matt Wieters
    Starlin Castro
    Julio Borbon

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  14. Hank says:

    Good stuff!

    David – How hard would it be to have the ability to do 2 combined filters (like if you wanted to look at pull + grounder or flyball + high leverage). I’m guessing way harder than it sounds, but I thought I’d ask. It’s along the lines of Tangotiger’s question/request above, except more expansive (not just splitting out the year splits separately)… basically having side by side filter pull downs.

    And this should teach you to add functionality! You’re just going to get a bunch more requests; this sort of stuff is real easy to implement, no? (I’m kidding)

    Again, real nice stuff!

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  15. Michkin says:

    It doesn’t allow to use splits for relievers only?
    For example, when filtering for “vs L” splits, it only displays “All”, even if you click “Relievers”.

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  16. says says:

    Is there any way we can get the GB, LD, FB filters for pitchers also?

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  17. Fletcher says:

    Hate to ask, but pre/post ASB splits?

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  18. misc says:

    Home/Away UZR leaderboard, please?

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  19. Matty Brown says:

    add a million other features to this free site please?!?!?

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  20. James says:

    How about sortable player pages, i.e., to see which year Steve Garvey had his best wOBA?

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  21. Could be the Very best topic that i read all month?

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  22. wooo hooo!

    more for me to link to on our site!

    women lie, men lie, numbers don’t lie (wale)


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