Team Pages Features: Multiple Seasons

The selection of multiple seasons that was made available in the leaderboards section has now been rolled out to the team pages and My Team section sof the site.

Now it’s easy to find which Yankees player had the most WAR since 1996.

Or, which team had the worst offense since 2006.

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David Appelman is the creator of FanGraphs.

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  1. The Ancient Mariner says:

    So, the Mariners weren’t *quite* the worst in that period — just close.

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  2. Xeifrank says:

    Is it possible to design the start and stop time cuts such that we can select data by month (for the splits)? I’d like to be able to view all hitters vs LHP or RHP but instead of doing so on a yearly or multiple year basis, I’d like to be able to download the data on a monthly basis to get more precision.

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  3. Baron Samedi says:

    Blue Jays 7th best wOBA, 8th best FIP and not even a sniff of the playoffs. Every team above in both categories has made the post-season at least once.

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  4. danmerqury says:

    Is it just me, or have the position filters stopped working for batters on the team pages? Unless the Reds got 33.3 WAR out of their catcher spot this year…

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    • Should be fixed now. I’ll note again that the position filters filter on position eligible players instead of only the players who played at C or 1B. For instance, Buster Posey’s full stats will show up at C and at 1B for the Giants.

      In some sense it’s more of a depth of position type of filter, but I wouldn’t call it that either.

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  5. Jason says:

    We spoiled people fail to mention this often enough, but this is amazing.

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  6. jtorrey13 says:

    Just was playing around to see how good Pujols is (looking at his WAR in comparison to everyone else for his first 10 years in the league) and then started to look at ten-year increments for WAR going back to 1990. The only players in the top 2 during those 12 ten-year spans?

    Albert Pujols
    Alex Rodriguez
    Barry Bonds
    Ken Griffey Jr.
    Jeff Bagwell

    Doesn’t really say much since ten year spans are as arbitrary as most wins in the 80s (cough). Probably better to look at Bagwell’s 39th place ranking all-time in WAR to see his value. Much more fun to look at ten-year increments. Thanks for the toy.

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  7. jtorrey13 says:

    Have to go back to 1984-1993 to knock Bonds off his perch at the top. Additional players in the top 2:

    Cal Ripken Jr.
    Wade Boggs
    Rickey Henderson

    This is just fun. Just wanted to emphasize that in the last comment, I was saying that many people don’t see Bagwell as a sure HOFer. He seems to be in that elite company here.

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  8. jtorrey13 says:

    Going back to 1974-1983 only introduces two more players:

    Mike Schmidt
    George Brett

    I’m done now. I promise.

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