The 2011 Good Shapers Nominations

We did it last year and found that there wasn’t much in the way of correlation between getting mentioned as being in “the best shape of your life” and actually outperforming the projections, but maybe this year will be different. Maybe this crop of worked-really-hard-and-had-laser-eye-surgery-and-showed-up-to-camp-focused guys will actually show that all that work really does pay off.

In the form below, please put the player’s name who you have seen referenced as making noticeable improvements this winter, and then in the second box, please include a link to the source material so that we can verify which improvement was noted upon their arrival to camp.

By using the form, I’ll have an easier way of collecting the guys to follow throughout the year. You can also leave the nominated player in the comments if you want to help people not repeat a submission that has already been made.

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