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The 2011 Second Opinion

I’m pleased to announce that the 2011 Second Opinion is now available for purchase!

The product is now available both as a PDF with additional online integration!

Here’s the rundown:

Player Profiles – Almost 600 (598) in-depth player profiles written by the FanGraphs and RotoGraphs contributors you’re already familiar with.

Articles – Closer situations, players coming back from injuries, sophomore players to watch, 2011 fantasy prospects, impact trades, the big questions for 2011, and Carson’s non-prospect rookie picks!.

Quick Opinions – New for this year’s Second Opinion is a short one to two sentence profile that give you the bottom line about a player. These are also integrated into our various projection pages so you can quickly get more information about a player.

Player Page Integration – Each player’s profiles is integrated into his player page so you can easily read about the player as you’re browsing his stats.

Bonus Material – FanGraphs has partnerned with ESPN Insider this season and if you purchase the Second Opinion, you’ll have access to anything we write for ESPN Insider right here on FanGraphs.com up until March 1st, 2012.

2010 Second Opinion – In addition to all that, regardless if you bought the 2010 Second Opinion, you still get access to the now obsolete 2010 Second Opinion’s content in the player pages and in the bonus blog.