The FanGraphs NYC Live Discussion Gets Even Better

Last week, we gave you an in depth preview of our first live event, which will be held on Saturday, August 7th in Manhattan. It was already shaping up to be a great event, but now it’s getting even better.

We’ve now added three additional guests to the roster, all of whom should add an interesting perspective to the discussion.

Jon Sciambi, currently an announcer for ESPN Radio and formerly a broadcaster for both the Florida Marlins and Atlanta Braves, will join us to share his thoughts on baseball, statistical analysis, and translating these numbers into a form that can be digested by the more casual fan. He’ll offer a unique view from someone who understands and appreciates the kinds of metrics used here at FanGraphs, but also is well aware of the need to package intelligent analysis in a way that can be consumed by people who are used to BA, HR, and RBI.

Matthew Cerrone, founder and owner of, and one of the more successful baseball bloggers on the web. He’s seen his site grow into one of the largest team-specific baseball sites on the internet, and his partnership with has blurred the lines between new media and old media. He has experience as a hobbyist blogger and a full-time baseball writer, and will be able to share his thoughts on the challenges of the two differing roles. Oh, and he might also have an opinion or two about the team that plays in Queens.

Sky Kalkman of Beyond The Box Score will also be joining us to share his thoughts on sabermetrics and where this type of analysis is heading. As a blogger who has been around for a while and worn a few different hats, Sky will bring his own take on the internet baseball community and where it should head in the future.

These three will join the likes of Will Leitch, Mitchel Lichtman, Alex Speier, Michael Silverman, Jonah Keri, the entire gang from River Ave Blues, and a collection of FanGraphs authors to offer up a wide variety of opinions on the game.

Additionally, we’re going to host a game-watching party for attendees to gather at a local watering hole and view that afternoon’s Boston-New York match-up together. Those who make it to the event will be invited to join us for several more hours of fun later in the afternoon.

Advanced tickets can be purchased here for $15. They will be $20 at the door, so save a little cash and buy ahead of time. You won’t regret it.

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Dave is the Managing Editor of FanGraphs.

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