The FanGraphs+ Player Profile Game

Inspired by our daily contest, the FanGraphs+ Player-Profile Game is now an actual game you can play on your very own, as often as you like!

The rules are simple. We take all the FanGraphs+ player profiles, removed the player’s name from said profile, and you have to guess whose profile it is. Your goal is to correctly guess as many in a row as possible. You have 60 seconds per round and you can guess incorrectly once each round. If you do exceptionally well, your guessing streak is recorded in the leaderboards so all can see that you are indeed awesome.

If you are already a FanGraphs+ subscriber and you get the answer wrong, you will be told the correct answer. However, if you are not a FanGraphs+ subscriber, you will be forever left wondering….

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David Appelman is the creator of FanGraphs.

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