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The Game: April Recap

It’s already been one full month since FanGraphs: The Game started. We think it’s been a great first month, with over 10,641 players already created and 75,918 manual picks (plus 34,493 autopicks) entered in total.

Don’t forget: it’s not too late to create your own player. There are still 152 days left in the season, which means your player can play 152 games if you started today. That’s easily enough to give you a chance at the top prize. Not to mention there are weekly, monthly, and half-season awards.

You can join the fun anytime to compete against your friends with our custom leagues even if the top prize for the year is out of reach.

Now let’s give kudos to the positional awards winners for the month of April (with March included).

Best C: Chike (2.0 WAR)
Best 1B: Stevesaxon (1.2 WAR)
Best 2B: ctt8410 (1.6 WAR)
Best SS: dacrazydon (1.9 WAR)
Best 3B: JLuman (2.0 WAR)
Best OF: Shanghai Skyline (2.6 WAR)

Best SP: strangequiet (1.2 WAR)
Best RP: mfrench2 (0.8 WAR)

We also track hit streaks:

Longest hit streaks:
Jay Bordonez – C (18)
yayforme – OF (18)
Andrew Nadler – 3B (18)

Longest active hit streak:
schlomsd – OF (17)

And now for some random stats:

Most picked batter: David Freese – 3B (Picked 1,112 Times)
Most picked starter: Felix Hernandez (Picked 532 Times)
Most picked reliever: Hector Santiago (Picked 654 Times)

# of people who threw a perfect game (Phil Humber): 35 (+6 autopicks)
# of people who hit for the cycle (Scott Hairston): 5 (0 autopicks)
# of people who hit 3 home runs in one game (Ryan Braun): 16 (+6 autopicks)
# of people who went 5-5 in one game (Curtis Granderson): 13 (+4 autopicks)