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The Hardball Times and FanGraphs have a long history of working together. I used to write the original Daily Graphing series over at the Hardball Times when FanGraphs first launched, and if you look at the list contributors over at THT, you’ll see more than a few familiar FanGraphs regulars among them.

To further our relationship, we’ll be promoting the great writing over at THT throughout the site. You’ve probably already noticed the THT article box on our homepage, and relevant THT articles will also start showing up on the player pages. The Hardball Times will no longer be providing stats and will instead defer to the FanGraphs stats sections.

With the THT stats pages departing, there were also a few unique stats to THT that didn’t make the jump over to FanGraphs. We know xFIP is important to everyone, so it’s now available on all the player pages and leaderboards. The more detailed catcher fielding data will eventually be added to FanGraphs in some form or another, but there’s been no decisions made on anything else just yet.

While I do realize that no one’s going to be thrilled by the departure of the THT stats pages, both Dave Studeman and I think that this will be a winning situation for everyone. If there are stats or graphs you really wanted to see updated daily next season that won’t be on THT anymore, just let us know. We’d like to make the transition for you as smooth as possible.

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David Appelman is the creator of FanGraphs.

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  1. Bryz says:

    Don’t forget to add xFIP to the Quick Glossary.

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  2. Alex says:

    Where did tRA go?

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  3. Dear Fangraphs,

    THANK YOU. We’ve been awaiting sortable xFIP forever. God we love this site.

    Sincerely yours,
    Game Of Inches

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  4. t ball says:

    PrOPS needs to make it over.

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  5. strikethreeout says:

    Finally, all in one place…

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  6. Ugueth says:

    And don’t forget to make projections for Matt Murton, guys. Come on, only 27 more fan projections are needed!

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  7. Devin says:

    The biggest thing I miss from the HT pages is the team graphs, actually. FIP/defence, the standings graph, and the OBP/ISO graphs were great, and seem to have vanished in the last year.

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  8. Victor O says:

    I was a huge fan of PrOPS and ERA-FIP . Those two stats alone helped me find plenty of bargains throughout the year. Hopefully they make it.

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  9. fra paolo says:

    RZR! We want RZR! (and OOZ!)

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  10. CJ says:

    I always like Pitching Runs Created (PRC). Also, I agree with the previous post that it was interesting to separate defensive stats between in zone RZR and out of zone OOZ.

    Will the previous years’ HT stats be available at HT?

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    • CH says:

      Another vote for Pitching Runs Created. Always an interesting stat, even if we have “better” ones.

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  11. jomuca says:

    I would really like to see ProOPS on the player pages.

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  12. Kent Bonham says:

    This is great news. Thanks guys.

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  13. astrostl says:

    Cool. Any chance for Pitches per Plate Appearance (P/PA)?

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    • astrostl says:

      I mainly use THT stats for cross-referencing via xFIP, RZR/OOZ, and P/PA. I do like the simplicity of their presentation, though.

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    • TCQ says:

      I definitely agree here. P/PA really should be added in the stat merger.

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  14. freezorilla says:

    Excellent, how about a FIP-xFIP?

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  15. Scottwood says:

    xFIP is slightly more predictive than FIP, so this is good to see.

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  16. Sky Kalkman says:

    How about an xFIP/FIP style metric with HR/FB regressed somewhere between 0% (FIP) and 100% (xFIP)? Probably different regression rates for starters/relievers even beyond differences in number of batted balls allowed.

    And I’m in favor of something PrOPS-like, although there have been some improvements in xBABIP models over the past few years and wOBA is obviously a better final scale than OPS (although PrOBP, PrAVG, and PrSLG are all useful individually, too.)

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  17. Choo says:

    Another huge vote for RZR/OOZ. Are THT stats going to be incorporated or will there be a THT statistics vault, similar to the box where THT writers currently appear?

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  18. recca says:

    whats PrOPS

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  19. We won’t be carrying PrOPS for various reasons. I’d prefer to do something like a simple xAVG based on batted ball data. We’ll see what we can do.

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  20. brianS says:

    How about eliminating the singles column and adding in a player age column?

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    • ubelmann says:

      I think that an age column for the player stats page would be great, too, though it seems something would have to go to make room for an age column. Not sure if singles is the best choice, but some column would need to move elsewhere on the page or go away.

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  21. brianS says:

    for the single player stats pages, obviously.

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  22. Columbo says:

    Righty and Lefty splits.

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  23. TCQ says:

    This isn’t exactly relevant to the FanGraphs/THT stat merger(which will make my life a lot easier, mainly due to xFIP now being where I look at all the other stats), but it’d be nice if a successful SB% appeared on the stat pages – I know it’s a simple calculation using numbers that are already there, but I’m lazy and it’d be more convenient.

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  24. ryanb says:

    Is there any way to place AVG/OBP/SLG on the same line in the same table? Right now average is in the top table and OBP/SLG are separate.

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  25. Ivan Grushenko says:

    I liked the team stats pages on THT. A snapshot of where the teams’ strengths and weaknesses were — offense, pitching, infield defense, outfield defense, RZR, OOZ.

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  26. razor says:

    Yet another vote for RZR/OOZ…

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  27. Dayton Moore and Brian Sabean says:

    Will the stats page still have “Wins” and “RBIs”? Because that’s all we need.

    Our experience is that when you have a keen eye for talent, you can find “winners” on the mound and guys who “knock in runs” at the plate. That’s what we’re after.

    Keep up the great work!

    -DMGM and BS

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