The Padres and Miguel Tejada

Padres’ beat writer Corey Brock tweeted yesterday afternoon that the team has interest in Miguel Tejada. Truthfully it’s hard to understand why. Tejada could potentially take third base or maybe shortstop. Right now, the Pads are using Chase Headley and Evereth Cabrera at those positions with a sprinkle of Jerry Hairston Jr. at shortstop. In name value alone, Tejada reigns supreme. Name value isn’t helping to solidify the Padres’ playoff chances though.

Tejada turned 36 in late May and his wOBA is bordering the .300 mark. He does not walk much (nor does he fan constantly) but his power seems to be on the heavy decline, making him a pretty limited offensive contributor. Headley has a park unadjusted wOBA of .321. ZiPS projects their bats to play about equal from here forward, but you have to assume the upside is higher with the player a decade younger. Even if the two are equal at the dish – and there is reason to believe they are not – Headley is a superior baserunner and a better fielder too.

Cabrera is having a rough season. He’s hitting .207/.268/.297 with a decent – if below modest expectations – batting average on balls in play. His walk rate is down and his strikeout rate is up. Even still, it is hard to imagine the Padres replacing him with Tejada. The Orioles are as void of shortstop talent as Keanu Reeves’ jean pockets and even they can’t be bothered to play him there and call up Joshua Bell on a permanent basis. Maybe Baltimore is simply clueless when it comes to evaluating defense, or maybe Tejada’s time as a big league shortstop has passed.

Acquiring a righty with pop and a more reliable shortstop makes sense for San Diego. Realistically Tejada can no longer be counted on to fill either of those holes. Consider it a minor upset if the Padres trade for Tejada at anything but closeout prices. Even then, the Friars’ time could be more wisely spent asking Baltimore about Luke Scott and Ty Wigginton.

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  1. Chops says:

    I’d prefer the Padres to pay more for Ryan Theriot to solve their SS situation.

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  2. Mitch says:

    “Maybe Baltimore is simply clueless when it comes to evaluating defense, or maybe Tejada’s time as a big league shortstop has passed.”

    Or both. Based on the distribution of playing time at second base this season, I vote both.

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  3. Griggs says:

    I think Tejada to the Padres makes a lot of sense. Mostly to play SS. Upside of younger players and age are mostly irrelevant. This is about winning a pennant now, Cabrera’s developement will just have to wait. I don’t think they will need to pay a great amount, nor should they.

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  4. realitypolice says:

    Wouldn’t rumors about a guy who actually CAN play SS, is just finishing a rehab assignment, is surplus to his current club, and plays for a team that has a need for bullpen help make more sense than this sort of silly talk? Especially if that player was, oh, I don’t know, drafted by the Padres’ GM?

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  5. James says:

    I don’t know if I really see the Padres adding much of a bat… I don’t think they have the depth/prospects to pull an impact hitter. No one on the Orioles that is available is worth bringing in. Tejada/Wigginton/Scott probably aren’t going to crack .250 playing at Petco (and with a decrease in power numbers), and without adding any defensive or baserunning value, it would be a lateral move at best.

    I think if anything, the Padres will try to add a veteran starter or more bullpen arms, or another versatile utility guy.

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  6. Steve says:

    Do other Canadian movie stars carry Shortstop Talent in their jeans pockets?

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    • Jocro says:

      Well, Drake is a canadian tv star, so maybe the standards are different, but “I got money in these jeans, so they fit me kinda snug
      Plus the game is in my pocket, ***** this is what I does”
      I’m assuming he means the game of baseball. In which case he carries ALL the Shortstop Talent in his jeans pockets.

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  7. Drakos says:

    If Cabrera is replaced by anyone I would guess that it’s going to be Hairston Jr. and not someone outside of the club.

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  8. Sandy Kazmir says:

    Would Jason Bartlett be of any interest to the Pads?

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  9. Makel says:

    “The Orioles are as void of shortstop talent as Keanu Reeves’ jean pockets ”


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  10. BillWallace says:

    As a Giants fan I think the Padres should trade for Tejada and play him every day at shortstop.

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  11. MrBoomBoom says:

    I find it interesting to say Tejada’s bat is on the decline when the guy damm near hit 50 doubles JUST LAST YEAR!!. Chase Headley wouldnt hit that many doubles even if he was in a hitters ballpark like Tejada was last season. The stretch run is about making UPGRADES…and 3rd base on the Padres, DESPERATELY needs an upgrade, Headley cant be counted on for clutch hits, be them 2 out hits or with less than two outs. And just like his predecessor at 3rd last season, he’s becoming a “rally killer”…the kind of guy you dread seeing walking to the plate, because you know he’ll strike out more than he’ll make contact. Cabrera is our SS for the future and this season is all about growth and watching how everyone around him goes about their business….that should be his main focus, because its become apparent that Buddy isnt going to give him regular playing time….if I were Buddy, Id bench Headley and play Tejada at 3rd. Id also stick him in the middle of the lineup with Adrian.

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  12. Sockmonkey says:

    Tejada’s defense SEEMS to have improved dramatically during the season. Is there any way to track UZR by month?

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    • joser says:

      Given the size of samples involved, there’s little point. Any conclusions you tried to draw from it would probably be wrong.

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