The Top 10 Prospects: NL East

The Top 10 prospect series continues today with the National League East. Previously, we took a look at the NL Central and the NL West systems. Both the Braves and the Marlins have pretty deep systems in the east. If I were a general manager, I’m not sure which Top 10 I would choose, given the choice between the two. I’d definitely be ecstatic to have either of the Top 4 prospects on each list.

After years of minor-league mediocrity, the Nationals system is finally showing signs of life, although the depth is still not there. Despite a rough start to the 2009 season, the Nationals’ Jordan Zimmermann is a very talented pitcher. The Mets have a lot of interesting raw players that were originally signed out of Latin America. Be sure to keep an eye on Jefry Marte this season, as well as Jenrry Mejia. Both players are very young and oozing tools, not unlike No. 2 prospect Wilmer Flores. I’m not sure if I like the Phillies system or not… I do, however, know that I really like Kyle Drabek and Travis D’Arnaud.

The Atlanta Braves
1. Jason Heyward, OF, Myrtle Beach (A+)
2. Tommy Hanson, RHP, Gwinnett (AAA)
3. Jordan Schafer, OF, Atlanta
4. Freddie Freeman, 1B, Myrtle Beach (A+)
5. Julio Teheran, RHP, Extended Spring Training
6. Gorkys Hernandez, OF, Mississippi (AA)
7. Cole Rohrbough, LHP, Myrtle Beach (A+)
8. Jeff Locke, LHP, Myrtle Beach (A+)
9. Craig Kimbrel, RHP, Myrtle Beach (A+)
10. Brandon Hicks, SS, Mississippi (AA)

Other Players of Note: Kris Medlen, Cody Johnson, Randall Delgado, Brett DeVall, Zeke Spruill, Rudy Darrow

The Philadelphia Phillies
1. Dominic Brown, OF, Clearwater (A+)
2. Carlos Carrasco, RHP, Lehigh Valley (AAA)
3. Lou Marson, C, Philadelphia
4. Michael Taylor, OF, Reading (AA)
5. Kyle Drabek, RHP, Clearwater (A+)
6. Jason Donald, SS, Lehigh Valley (AAA)
7. Travis D’Arnaud, C, Lakewood (A)
8. Zach Collier, OF, Lakewood (A)
9. J.A. Happ, LHP, Philadelphia
10. Jason Knapp, RHP, Lakewood (A)

Other Players of Note: Antonio Bastardo, Drew Naylor, Anthony Hewitt, Freddy Galvis, Joe Savery, Edgar Garcia, John Mayberry Jr., Colby Shreve

The New York Mets
1. Fernando Martinez, OF, Buffalo (AAA)
2. Wilmer Flores, SS, Savannah (A)
3. Brad Holt, RHP, St. Lucie (A+)
4. Jonathon Niese, LHP, Buffalo (AAA)
5. Jefry Marte, 3B, Savannah (A)
6. Bobby Parnell, RHP, New York
7. Jenrry Mejia, RHP, St. Lucie (A+)
8. Nick Evans, OF, Buffalo (AAA)
9. Reese Havens, IF, St. Lucie (A+)
10. Ike Davis, 1B/OF, St. Lucie (A+)

Other Players of Note: Eddie Kunz, Scott Shaw, Cesar Puello, Dillon Gee, Scott Moviel, Javier Rodriguez, Zach Lutz, Ruben Tejada

The Florida Marlins
1. Cameron Maybin, OF, Florida
2. Logan Morrison, 1B, Jacksonville (AA)
3. Michael Stanton, OF, Jupiter (A+)
4. Matt Dominguez, 3B, Jupiter (A+)
5. Gaby Sanchez, 1B, New Orleans (AAA)
6. Chris Coghlan, 2B, New Orleans, (AAA)
7. Sean West, LHP, Jacksonville (AA)
8. Kyle Skipworth, C, Greensboro (A)
9. Ryan Tucker, RHP, New Orleans (AAA)
10. Jose Ceda, RHP, Injured

Other Players of Note: Brett Sinkbeil, Aaron Thompson, Isaac Galloway, Brad Hand, Bryan Peterson, Edgar Olmos, Miguel Fermin

The Washington Nationals
1. Jordan Zimmermann, RHP, Syracuse (AAA)
2. Michael Burgess, OF, Potomac (A+)
3. Ross Detwiler, LHP, Harrisburg (AA)
4. Derek Norris, C, Hagerstown (A)
5. Jack McGeary, LHP, Hagerstown (A)
6. Chris Marrero, 1B, Potomac (A+)
7. Adrian Nieto, C, Extended Spring Training
8. J.P. Ramirez, OF, Extended Spring Training
9. Shairon Martis, RHP, Washington
10. Danny Espinosa, SS, Potomac (A+)

Other Players of Note: Graham Hicks, Destin Hood, Justin Maxwell, Bill Rhinehart, Ian Desmond, Josh Smoker, Luke Montz

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  1. Bill B. says:

    Why couldn’t Dallas McPherson get a job with the Marlins? The guy absolutely raked in the Minors — 42 HR last year in AAA.

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  2. PhDBrian says:

    What about Colin Baelster of the NATS? How good is he? He gets mention on other sites.

    The Nats have some pitching prospects if their #9 prospect is pitching in the rotation!

    Vote -1 Vote +1

  3. Will says:

    Antonio Bastardo

    Awesome name.

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  4. Phillies' Red says:

    I believe there is an error is the very first line of this entry. Ought to read, “NL East” not, “NL Central”.

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  5. MPC says:

    Jordan Zimmermann’s page links to the Jordan Zimmerman that played for the M’s in 1999, fyi.

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  6. MPC says:

    Jordan Zimmermann’s name links to the Jordan Zimmerman that played for the M’s in 1999, fyi.

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  7. randy says:

    What’s your take on Dillion Gee? He followed up a solid year in ’08 with a very impressive Spring training that opened everyone’s eyes. He was supposed to be in AA this year but due to how impressed they were he’s started off in AAA. Warthen and Manuel have compared him to Rick Reed. Could you see him being a solid #4 type starter in the majors.

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  8. randy says:

    thanks for answering my question schmuckstein.

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