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The Top 300 Prospects

Whew. What you have before you is a project that spanned more than five months and included more than 30,000 words. To say that it was a massive undertaking for one person would be an understatement but it was a fun (and challenging) time. I want to thank all the readers for their (mostly constructive) comments; although I have been covering the minors for more than five years, this was my first attempt at my own Top 10 lists for every organization in Major League Baseball.

If you’re reading these lists for the first time, keep in mind that they do not include 2009 draft picks or international signings. Top 10 lists including ’09 draft picks can be found in FanGraphs’ 2010 Second Opinion fantasy companion.

A special thanks to all those who provided me with background information.

American League West
Texas Rangers | Top Prospect: Neftali Feliz, Starting Pitcher (MLB)
Seattle Mariners | Top Prospect: Michael Saunders, Outfielder (MLB)
Oakland Athletics | Top Prospect: Chris Carter, First Baseman (AAA)
Los Angeles Angels | Top Prospect: Hank Conger, Catcher (AA)

National League West
Colorado Rockies | Top Prospect: Christian Friedrich, Starting Pitcher (A+)
San Francisco Giants | Top Prospect: Buster Posey, Catcher (MLB)
San Diego Padres | Top Prospect: Simon Castro, Starting Pitcher (A-)
Los Angeles Dodgers | Top Prospect: Devaris Gordon, Shortstop (A-)
Arizona Diamondbacks | Top Prospect: Jarrod Parker, Starting Pitcher (AA)

American League Central
Kansas City Royals | Top Prospect: Mike Montgomery, Starting Pitcher (A+)
Detroit Tigers | Top Prospect: Casey Crosby, Starting Pitcher (A-)
Chicago White Sox | Top Prospect: Tyler Flowers, Catcher (AAA)
Cleveland Indians | Top Prospect: Carlos Santana, Catcher (AA)
Minnesota Twins | Top Prospect: Aaron Hicks, Outfielder (A-)

National League Central
St. Louis Cardinals | Top Prospect: Lance Lynn, Starting Pitcher (AA)
Pittsburgh Pirates | Top Prospect: Pedro Alvarez, Third baseman (AA)
Cincinnati Reds | Top Prospect: Yonder Alonso, First baseman (AA)
Chicago Cubs | Top Prospect: Andrew Cashner, Starting Pitcher (AA)
Milwaukee Brewers | Top Prospect: Alcides Escobar, Shortstop (MLB)
Houston Astros | Top Prospect: Jason Castro, Catcher (AA)

American League East
Toronto Blue Jays | Top Prospect: Brett Wallace, 3B/1B (AAA)
Boston Red Sox | Top Prospect: Casey Kelly, RHP (A+)
Tampa Bay Rays | Top Prospect: Desmond Jennings, OF (AAA)
Baltimore Orioles | Top Prospect: Brian Matusz, LHP (MLB)
New York Yankees | Top Prospect: Jesus Montero, C (AA)

National League East
Washington Nationals | Top Prospect: Stephen Strasburg, RHP (AFL)
Philadelphia Phillies | Top Prospect: Domonic Brown, OF (AA)
Florida Marlins | Top Prospect: Michael Stanton, OF (AA)
Atlanta Braves | Top Prospect: Jason Heyward, OF (AAA)
New York Mets | Top Prospect: Fernando Martinez, OF (MLB)