Tigers Grab Huff

The Tigers added another bat to the equation today, acquiring Aubrey Huff from the Orioles in exchange for pitcher Brett Jacobson.

Huff figures to play some DH for the Tigers, this could be a problem since his bat has been horrid this season. His .253/.321/.405 line is pretty unlike Huff. The main culprit seems to be an increase in strikeouts – nearing a career high point – and a depressed BABIP. Huff is still pounding righties at a decent rate, but lefties are having their way with him. Huff hasn’t played the outfield since 2006, but did play some third base last year, so maybe the Tigers plan to use him in a utility role, but that seems a bit questionable given his defensive limitations.

For the six weeks of Huff, the Orioles receive Jacobson. The former Vanderbilt closer has decent velocity and has spent time developing his breaking and off-speed pitch, but his main problem was with control. Those problems haven’t shown up too up much as a professional, but he’s taken a step back upon reaching High-A.

Even if Jacobson falters to ever make an impact at the major league level, you have to appreciate the Orioles dedication to turning older parts into potentially useful young ones. Just this week they also acquired Rhyne Hughes as a PTBNL in the Gregg Zaun trade. Hughes is left-handed with some pop, but his high strikeout rates corresponding with advanced age are a bit concerning. Still, turning these old, near the end of the road (either with the O’s or in baseball) parts into something with upside is commendable.

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  1. TJ says:

    yea because a team that is about 8 games over .500 and made the world series in 06 realy sucks

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  2. Herm Edwards says:

    you play to win the game, even if that game is 5 years from now.

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  3. Colin says:

    Jacobson is a great kid and I hope to see him do well in Baltimore. Goes from Arizona to Nashville to the Tigers organization to the O’s. Pretty hectic few years, hopefully he’ll continue to develop as he finds his comfort zone.

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  4. BX says:

    This trade becomes better for the Tigers if they slot Huff into DH, and use this to bench/release Magglio.

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  5. I’d agree with your analysis if I didn’t feel it was just a salary dump.

    Despite his down year, Aub was the Os’ 2nd leading RBI man.

    At least MacPhail has expressed an interest in re-signing him in offseason.

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    • Andrew says:

      How about no.

      No chance in hell Huff comes back this off-season. None, nada, zip, zilch.

      If Huff paid the O’s I’d still say no.

      We now have three 1B prospects of varying quality at Norfolk (well, two now that MAubrey was called up yesterday). You let the three of them duke it out in spring training ’10 and see what we have.

      More to the point – why in the world do we care about AHuff’s RBI’s? I mean, seriously, the guy was done for the majority of the year and clearly can’t handle being asked to hit AND play 1B.

      That and another “power” arm to add to the pile of guys that are under 25 and have value. Remember, the “plan” requires having inventory to trade for the bats, and you can’t trade prospects you don’t have. If Jacobsen ends up being part of a package for another player a year down the road, you won’t think much about AHuff and his having the second highest RBI’s on a 100 loss team.

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