Trade Deadline Chat Fun – 7/31/12

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  1. Duke says:

    More likely to move, Broxton or Betancourt?

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  2. MikeyMike says:

    It’s not letting me view the chat. There’s a display up that asks me to set a reminder time.

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  3. sawred14 says:

    It says it starts at 10am EST but its 12 EST. guessing it starts at 1pm?

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  4. Baltar says:

    The Giants traded Joseph, Schierholtz and Rosin for Pence? 3 players for an 0.5 improvement in WAR per ZIPS ROS. Shades of Wheeler for Beltran.
    That’s enough for me to be leaning toward my resignation as a Giants fan.
    A trade of Belt for a reliever would cinch it.
    Can anybody suggest a good team to root for?

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  5. Need Advice says:

    In my keeper dynasty fantasy league I am getting asked by everyone on Profars availability. I already have Starlin Castro So I am open to trading him, but what kind of return should I be looking at?

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    • Sean says:

      A haul!

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    • Paul says:

      I’d trade Castro. Won’t be long til Profar is better than Castro, and as a strong defender, more likely to stay at SS. Plus I imagine you can get quite a haul for Castro too.

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