Trade Value Chat – 7/18/11

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Dave is the Managing Editor of FanGraphs.

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  1. dave cameron hatter says:

    no matt kemp or hosmer on top 50…. what gibbs?

    carlos gonzalez so low? they were ranking him near braun status preseason 2011…

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  2. dave cameron hatter says:

    cameron is right, yunel can be replaced by anyone off the street, ie alex gonzalez…

    elvis andrus?!!?!!?!??!??!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?

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  3. dave cameron hatter says:

    he is right, compare r howards last 766 AB to matt joyces first 766 AB in the bigs and you have similar AVG, OBP and SLUG…

    not much difference just ballpark factors an lineup factors…

    r howard is slipping to matt joyce status… even if matt joyce doesnt bat lefties.

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  4. He seems like one mad hatter.

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  5. Alexander says:

    Bumgarner was a top prospect. I guess that San Francisco environment followed him throughout the minors.

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    • Nivra says:

      This. Bumgarner’s got a ton of controlled time left, and has accumulated 5.4 WAR in 220 innings so far. Beyond that, he’s only 21. To leave him off the top 50 is a major oversight.

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  6. Zoidberg says:

    Your list is bad and you should FEEL bad.

    whoop whoop whoop

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  7. Andrew says:

    Hanson, but not Zimmermann? Zimmermann is putting up better numbers almost across the board, and both have similar service time

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  8. Steve says:

    Bummed I missed the chat. Were any other prospects considered?

    BTW, love this series. Always a fun week of reading.

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  9. Alan says:

    Bumgarner’s “top 3 fip” is fueled by an obscenely low HR rate at home. He gets a decent amount of ground balls, but not nearly enough to believe that his HR rate is anywhere near sustainable in a neutral MLB environment, although maybe he should get some credit for using his park to his advantage. He doesn’t have elite stuff, and he’s already had velocity scares (although he appears to be over that at this point). He probably belongs somewhere in the top 50, but there are enough flaws for someone to make an argument that he doesn’t.

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