Wendy Thurm FanGraphs Chat – 5/31/12

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Wendy's baseball writing has also been published by Sports on Earth. ESPN.com, SB Nation, The Score, Bay Area Sports Guy, The Classical and San Francisco Magazine. Wendy practiced law for 18 years before beginning her writing career. You can find her work at wendythurm.pressfolios.com and follow her on Twitter @hangingsliders.

2 Responses to “Wendy Thurm FanGraphs Chat – 5/31/12”

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  1. sturock says:

    Great chat, Wendy. Thanks!

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  2. RudolfSchmidt says:

    Great chat. I liked how the fantasy Qs didn’t dominate so much on this one. Perhaps RotoGraphs should do more chats to satiate these folks? Either way, I thank you all for the content.

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