Winner(s), Question #5, Second Opinion Game

This morning, I posed to the readership the fifth and final player-profile question ahead of the release of this year’s Second Opinion.

Unlike the previous four, this question required the reader not to submit the correct answer before all other readers, but to (a) submit the correct answer and then (b) also submit a worthy epithet for said mystery player.

The answers were many and varied — and greatly enjoyed (with one notable exception!!!) by this author. In fact, owing the enthusiastic response and great efforts of the commentariat, I’ve decided to supplement the Dark Overlord’s offer of one free copy of the Second Opinion with two more copies.

The three winners, chosen by something slightly more scrutinous than total chance, are as follows:

Curator of Cosmoses (Courtesy of reader Kyle — Pluralizing cosmos is inspired.)

Rock Against Which Batters Break Themselves (Courtesy reader Bob Loblaw — That the batters are breaking themselves is significant and mysterious!)

Dragonball Z-Swing% (Courtesy reader Ad — This vortex of nerdom refuses to go unnoticed.)

Your accounts should be credited at such a time as when the Second Opinion becomes available. (If you didn’t submit your answer from your account, please email me at ccistulli [at] yahoo [dot] com.)

It should be noted, however, that the whole comments thread is a testament to human potential. Five other notable submissions follow (and really any of them could’ve won).

Ineffable Pitcher (Courtesy reader Ben)

Nonpareil of Nintendoland (Courtesy reader Matt W)

Breaker of Balls (Courtesy reader Chris)

Grand ViĆ°ar (Courtesy reader Matt — Literally translated means “Bane to Wood,” an Old Norse kenning, apparently)

Seppuku by Slider (Courtesy reader Lewie Pollis, who’s also contributed a bunch to the Community Blog)

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“Curator of Cosmoi” is a more correct Homeric Greek pluralization, and sounds super-cool.



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