World Series Game Six Chat

Paul Swydan and Jeff Zimmerman will join me (and you!) for a chat during tonight’s game six.

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  1. filihok says:

    Not me. I have to go build a haunted house

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  2. BDF says:

    Does anyone know what the Rangers, especially Kinsler, are doing when they pop their interlaced fingers together to celebrate a good play? Is it just their version of a self-high-five?

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  3. haha says:

    Good job leaving Derek Holland in the game, Ron. You have MIKE ADAMS sitting in the bullpen. Mike Adams is right handed and a better relief pitcher than Derek Holland is.

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  4. Sandy Komsrk says:

    Come on rangers that’s great Napoli Come on Murphy swing a radical of park HR

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  5. ZenMadman says:

    In the discussion of greatest World Series Game 6 ever, this one has to lose points for Joe Buck and Tim McCarver. I hated Vin Scully during the ’86 series, but in retrospect, he knew how to call a game. He obviously wanted the Sox to win, but he put some emotion into his calls.

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