World Series Game Two Chat

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  1. Nick says:

    Say what you will about Fox, but that was some damn good TV with the replays

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  2. Cheery o-di-O's says:

    …just as long as you watch it on mute!

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  3. Cheery o-di-O's says:

    True enough, Aaron, but I don’t think I’m critical of them just because they aren’t talking about WAR or OBP. I enjoy Fox’s crowd shots and replays for the most part, even though they’re playing up to a different side of the game than I spend most of my time thinking about.

    I’m just saying that I have never spent much time watching baseball with the sound off, but literally, I am watching these games with the TV muted. I lose crowd noise, which is a pity, but the astounding banality of McCarver’s comments is unreal. He’s the master of the obvious half the time, but literally a blithering idiot at others, making things up or just talking crazy. I guess he’s still on the air because he signed a long-term contract, but really, his comments detract from the game.

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