Yadier Molina Appreciation GIF

I don’t really know what to add to this. Just watch and try to keep your jaw closed.

Yadier Molina is amazing.

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  1. Antonio Bananas says:

    This was a few moments after I heard (and I didn’t hear the whole story so correct me) “he would strike out 3 times in a game just to get a good pitch to hit the game winning home run in the 9th, very smart player”. One of the Cards commentators said that.

    Then the Molina play happened, and I saw that it was good.

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  2. Mojowo11 says:

    Did this to Kemp earlier in the game.


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  3. Guy says:

    can’t really throw a baseball more perfectly.

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    • Balthazar says:

      Agreed. I really like his miniimalist but precise footwork, and how he uses his core strength to shift his weight into the throw which is where the extra velocity comes from. Excellent accuracy of course, but that’s predicated on getting into position to make the mechanically clean throw. Dude’s a stud at his position.

      Future manager material?

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      • Kevin says:

        Well he did call a game-losing bunt the other day, so I think he’s got what it takes.

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      • chuckb says:

        He’s got a great arm but few ever comment on how great his footwork is. In my opinion, without the footwork, he’s not nearly as great. His footwork, both on attempted steals and on blocking pitches, make him elite.

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      • prip says:

        No one is going to hire a manager with neck tattoos. Just the way things are.

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  4. zipperz says:


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  5. BSally says:

    I’ve watched this about 30 times and it just doesn’t get old. The velocity he gets without having to reach too far back is astounding.

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  6. Frank says:

    Reasons to steal on Yadier Molina:
    1.) “Rickey will steal on whomever he wants to steal on”
    2.) There is no number two.

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  7. Matt says:

    baseball porn.

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  8. hamjenkinsIII says:

    That throw was clocked at 10.1 Jigawatts


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  9. Ms1426 says:

    POP is impressive, even in gif slow-mo

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  10. Robbie G. says:

    Keep in mind that nearly everybody who is wondering who they should vote for MVP in the NL watched this play tonight and were equally stunned.

    Have we ever had two catchers finish 1-2 in the MVP voting in either league? This could be the year in the NL. Buster Posey has the award all but locked up at this point but I can see Yadier Molina getting a few first place votes along with more second place votes than anybody else. Consider what the other candidates have to contend with:

    Andrew McCutchen – his team collapsed down the stretch
    Ryan Braun – no explanation necessary
    David Wright – his team was an also-ran
    Michael Bourn – too much of his value is tied up in his defense and baserunning
    Jason Heyward – similar to Bourn
    Chase Headley – small market team, and a losing team, at that

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    • cowdisciple says:

      Ryan Braun – No explanation necessary

      Except that he has .7 WAR on Posey and 1.7 WAR on Molina? I know that WAR isn’t the end-all, and that catcher defense is still largely a mystery, but that’s a lot of gap for defense to make up.

      Regardless, this throw is fun to watch… over and over.

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      • Neil says:

        I assumed that the “no explanation necessary” refers to PEDs. Unless there’s a massive attitudinal shift, the writers who vote for MVP will probably never allow Braun to win again.

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      • Robbie G. says:

        Right. Braun will be punished by voters for the PED fiasco for the foreseeable future.

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      • SKob says:

        To not realize why Braun has no shot at the NL MVP award this year makes you a complete moron. Just sayin.

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      • chuckb says:

        He wasn’t arguing who SHOULD win. He was discussing who might win. Braun, though I agree he deserves it, has no shot whatsoever.

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    • Frank says:

      I’ve always looked at MVP as “Player who would devastate his team most by not being on it.” Giants are carried by their pitching. Cardinals are carried by excellent young core. Pirates were being carried by McCutchen until that all fell apart. Brewers are riding firmly on Braun’s shoulders.

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  11. Bob says:

    …and Vin Scully’s marvelously enthusiastic call:

    “Molina just threw a blur!”

    There are fans, and there are fans. But I don’t think there’s a person alive who just *loves* the game like Vin. Can’t be.

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    • KCDaveInLA says:

      My favorite thing about Vin Scully? His only catchphrase: “A very pleasant good evening to you, wherever you may be…” Other than that, the man never repeats himself…EVER. Another great pleasure of listening to him are surprise verbal treats like “He only weighs about 160 pounds, and that’s on Thanksgiving evening.”

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      • ausmax says:

        I’m gonna be sad when Vin Scully dies. He’s not the only great baseball announcer voice I’ve ever heard, but he’s the last one remaining.

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      • Vit-D says:

        I love Vin too, but he repeats himself all the time.

        It’s not that he has catchphrases or anything, but there are times that he will repeat anecdotes about particular player 2-3 times a series.

        With that said, it will be a sad day when he dies. He is the voice of baseball.

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  12. Hans Larson says:

    For as unreal as the throw is, how awful is that tag? It shouldn’t have been close, but he doesn’t lower the glove at all. Almost looks like he *raises* the glove a little when applying the tag.

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  13. Baltar says:

    Brother Jose is good, too, and a probable free agent.

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  14. andys says:

    Shouldn’t this be…on…notgraphs?

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  15. Brandon says:

    The Cardinals middle infielders are gonna need first baseman gloves..

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  16. LaserVortex says:

    Does anyone have that poptime?

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  17. fireal20 says:

    Like Pudge in his prime

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  18. Omar Little says:

    wow, never seen a catcher throw out a baserunner before.

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  19. Chris From Bothell says:

    And it took a perfect throw like that to get the runner, at least from this angle… if their slide was a little lower, or their leg didn’t do the hover thing over the bag and was a smidge more in line, the runner would have beaten it anyway. It’s like Yadier knew precisely where he had to throw, to have the infielder’s glove intercept the runner that fraction of a second early.

    Scary strong arm from Molina. And he didn’t so much pop up from the crouch as just stand and throw, almost as an afterthought. Good grief.

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    • Mojowo11 says:

      Nitpicking — he was out regardless of whether his front foot were up in the air or not. The throw just cut him down, even with a pretty crappy high tag from Schumaker.

      Here’s Schumaker tagging Gordon on the arm: http://i.imgur.com/c7oiI.jpg

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  20. Vic Liu says:

    btw, since it was not noted, the runner was Dee Gordon, probably one of the fastest guys in all of baseball.

    When he took off and Molina threw that laser, I thought in my head, NO F***ing WAY…..

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  21. TX Ball Scout says:

    6.4 pop time. That’s awful. Must have been slowest runner ever.

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  22. kjmiles says:

    Anyone notice that his mask never moved? How do you get that much torque out of your body and the mask doesn’t move? Watch how much his head moves! It seems like every catcher’s mask ends up in a stupid position on his face. Just perfect technique period.

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  23. John Ford-Griffindor says:

    This is only special because of his arm strength. For all of those saying this isn’t special, realize that Molina has perhaps the best arm of any position player. Then realize he did have a very quick release which isn’t spectacular by itself but combined with the arm strength, it is special. Only special compared to other catchers though. I wouldn’t saw it is too spectacular for Molina.

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  24. Marver says:

    I’m confused; didn’t Dave tell us catcher defense doesn’t really matter?

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  25. lewish says:

    Molina is flat out AWESOME!…footwork, balance, exchange, release, and dialed in howitzer. That said I’m with folks looking at the other end, at second base, and not the baseman, though I realize there are different abilities at getting to position, while the throw is already on the way, making the tag etc…I don’t believe the fielder could have done a whole lot better…I mean Gordon was on top of him as the second baseman secures the ball. He could have gotten the ball at the base rather than out front, which is a skill (I don’t know that there is a metric to measure that?)…but Gordon was sliding inside(read catchers side) the base. His left leg didn’t even touch the base it was his right knee. The base is 17 inches wide, and with the angle of the camera it is hard to say but runners left(catchers side) is at least 6 inches inside the base…he would, if he only hit the outside corner of the base with his left foot gain 2 feet from the tag, and that isn’t looking at the width of the baseline beyond that, or sliding lower(which would be hard to do without sliding head first I’m thinking)…bitch’n gif…baseball’s a great game, there is always room to get just a little better get one more inch…if we want to! Thanks!

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  26. Hater says:

    Too bad he was safe

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  27. adohaj says:

    I like how the video is in slow motion but if you look at only his arm it appears the video is sped up

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  28. Jimmy Dahmer says:


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  29. äxl says:

    That throw looked faster then the pitcher’s! Love him!

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