Year End Thank You

This has been FanGraphs’ 3rd full year in production and I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge all the hard working people that make FanGraphs possible:

Our Writers – Dave Cameron, Eric Seidman, Marc Hulet, Matthew Carruth, R.J. Anderson, David Golebiewski, Peter Bendix, and Brian Joura have become in my opinion one of the best writing teams in the business.

Tom Tango – The creator and inspiration behind many of the stats on FanGraphs including, but not limited to wOBA and everything Win Probability. His support of FanGraphs has been invaluable.

Mitchel Lichtman – Who graciously provides us with UZR fielding model to bring you the most advanced fielding metrics possible.

Our Projection Providers – Sean Smith (CHONE), Dan Szymborski (ZiPS), Baseball Info Solutions (Bill James), Tom Tango (Marcels), and Jeff Sackman (MINER) for allowing us to display their innovative projection systems.

Steve Moyer and Damon Lichtenwalner – Our go-to stats providers at Baseball Info Solutions are continually working to provide us with the best and most accurate data in the business.

Our Supporters – Anyone who has ever linked to a story or player on FanGraphs this past year, we could not continue to exist without your support and I’m grateful you feel our content is worth informing your readers about.

Our Readers and Visitors – In the past year you have turned the site into not just a destination for baseball stats, but a growing baseball community. It is you who inspire us with your contributions and visits to continue to try and make FanGraphs the best it can possibility be.

Happy New Year!

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David Appelman is the creator of FanGraphs.

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D Wrek
D Wrek
7 years 9 months ago

This sites as good as any on the web. The Thanks goes to you guys. Great year!