Your 2012 NL ROY Candidates

Today’s entry concludes a brief two-part series on next season’s Rookie of the Year candidates. This piece focuses on candidates on the senior circuit.

Wilin Rosario – C Colorado Rockies

Rosario isn’t a candidate that I’m wild about, but there’s a chance the Rockies like him enough to consider shopping Chris Iannetta. With Rosario offensively, it begins and ends with his power, as his .267/.316/.449 minor league triple-slash would attest. He’s a complete slug on the bases, as was the case even before he had knee surgery last season. Like Lavarnway last week, if Rosario can win the job outright, he’ll be a candidate of circumstance, with the counting stats to match. However, unlike his Boston counterpart, Rosario doesn’t have the scintillating recent track record to stand on, which includes a step back at Double-A this year and not a single plate appearance at Triple-A. Selling high on Iannetta is probably the right move, but is putting Rosario in his position the proper corresponding move? Only time will tell.

Julio Teheran – SP Atlanta Braves

Teheran drew the short straw when it came to whether he or Randall Delgado would nab an open rotation spot during the Braves “September to dismember,” but that’s clearly no indication regarding how fond the club is about the young righty. Ideally, Teheran would snag a spot in the Braves rotation in 2012, with Derek Lowe and his $15 million salary shipped elsewhere just to move it. Teheran – who has blitzed through the minors in four seasons with a 2.96 ERA and 8.6 K/9 rate – would certainly drink to that notion, but not before January. He can’t legally drink until then.

Jarrod Parker – SP Arizona Diamondbacks

It would truly be a great story if Parker could complete his comeback from Tommy John surgery to win the Rookie of the Year award in 2012. Parker, who was picked ninth overall in the 2007 draft, pitched well enough with Double-A Mobile this season to earn a cup of coffee with the D-Backs down the stretch, and did well enough in his spot start to garner a roster spot on the NLDS roster. There’s no shortage of hype surrounding Parker, as he made Baseball America’s top 100 list for four straight seasons, even including the 2010 campaign which he missed entirely, but it’s hard not to love an arsenal that features a mid-to-high 90s fastball, a plus slider, and a workable changeup. Of course, he’s yet to toss at Triple-A, but there’s no doubt that GM Kevin Towers has visions of a rotation of Ian Kennedy, Daniel Hudson, Parker, and Trevor Bauer in the very near future.

Brett Jackson – OF Chicago Cubs

There’s really no reason that Jackson shouldn’t be pushing for a starting spot out of spring training, whether it’s in center field with Marlon Byrd shifting to right, or if it’s in right field with the veteran getting preferential treatment. Either way Jackson, whom BA ranked as its 38th best prospect last spring, should have done enough in Triple-A last season to at least get an extended look in spring training. Jackson’s .298/.388/.551 was no doubt PCL-aided – the league as a whole had 42 hitters with a .900 or better OPS – but he’s shown enough in the minors as a whole (.292/.393/.491) to merit a very long look in spring training, and to have a pretty good shot to push aside Tyler Colvin, he of the .509 OPS in 2010. The number one impetus with Jackson will be that he hits, because by all accounts, the rest of his game is well-rounded.

Yonder Alonso – OF Cincinnati Reds

As a man without a big-league position, Alonso has been able to spend the last two campaigns mastering Triple-A pitching, while refining his approach in regards to K/BB and K rates overall. And while it has ostensibly hurt Alonso’s stock – he’s tumbled from the 30s to the 70s in BA’s top prospects list the over the past three seasons – it certainly didn’t make him ill-equipped once he got a more extended look this season with the Reds. Alonso hit .330/.398/.545 and poked nine extra base hits in fewer than 100 PA, all while trying to acclimate himself to left field. Alonso didn’t embarrass himself with the stick, but it’s hard to say the same about his glove. Still, there’s no reason Alonso shouldn’t be given the benefit of the doubt in a battle against free-swinging Chris Heisey, as Heisey’s versatility and skill set would seem more befitting of a fourth outfielder anyway.

Honorable Mentions: Bryce Harper, Devin Mesoraco, Drew Pomeranz, Trevor Bauer, Casey Kelly, Shelby Miller

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  1. Awesome says:

    Wouldn’t Drew Pomeranz be a more likely ROY candidate in COL than Rosario?

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    • I like Pomeranz quite a bit, but with Jorge de la Rosa coming back I think that could squeeze Drew to Triple-A a while longer.

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      • I’m not so sure about that. De la Rosa will be out for two months, and as of now, only Chacin and I suppose Hammel have guaranteed spots in the rotation next year. White may return to the minors or have a spot and there is sure to be a SP acquisition, but it isn’t as if Pomeranz has a tall fence to clear to be an obvious rotation candidate on Opening Day.

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      • jim says:

        lol there’s no way pomeranz ever sniffs colorado springs

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      • Pomeranz has 24 innings above high-A. I’m not saying it’s guaranteed, as he’s obviously very polished, but to say he’s guaranteed a rotation spot doesn’t seem as likely to me as it does to you.

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      • Ryan says:

        The Rockies, very simply, do not send pitching prospects to Colorado Springs. PCL stadiums do no favors for young pitchers, and Security Service Field is probably the most egregious of them all at 6500 feet. The humidor being installed next year may change some of that, but Pomeranz still doesn’t sniff the Sky Sox.

        The organization has had no problem giving 160 innings to top-flight prospects like Chacin before, and I don’t see their handling of Pomeranz any differently. He has nothing left to prove at AA, he won’t be sent to AAA, and the Rockies need a lefty in the rotation. All signs point to starting with the big league club.

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      • I’m not guaranteeing him a spot. The organization is posturing themselves as saying he has to earn a rotation spot next spring, but it would surprise me for them to send him to the minors in favor of a Kevin Millwood, Esmil Rogers or Greg Reynolds. And no, he wouldn’t go to Colorado Springs. Almost assuredly Tulsa if he needed work in the minors.

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  2. philosofool says:

    How does Rosario make this list ahead of Mesoraco? I don’t know much about their scouting profiles, but I know Jocketty loves Mesoraco, who has hit very well at higher levels than Rosario.

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  3. Mike says:

    No Edinson Volquez?

    +14 Vote -1 Vote +1

  4. Jose says:

    How sad it is to know that Strasburg isnt a rookie anymore

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  5. ThisGuy says:

    Tyler Skaggs

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  6. Morse says:

    You have to think Brad Peacock or Tom Milone have a shot at it as well.

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  7. Resolution says:

    Does Leo Nunez regain rookie eligibility with his name change? Cuz he has my early vote then!

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  8. Chair says:

    How can Alonso be ahead of Mesoraco?

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    • I think the Reds will find a spot for Alonso first, especially with how Alonso handled himself this season in his short audition.

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      • Meddler says:

        I wouldn’t be so sure, Dusty was really stingey using him, was clearly appauled by his glove, and seems to have a Mike Scioscia-esque mancrush on Heisey. Not sure those issues exist with Mesoraco, though its always tricky with rookie catchers and vet-friendly managers like Baker.

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  9. Shawn Coleman says:

    I would say a dark darkhorse could be Taylor Pastornicky, as he could win the SS job out of Spring Training. While I expect him to struggle early on, he could play more than enough to have a couple of hot streaks to compile some counting stats. I do not expect it, but he could get at least have a shot.

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  10. ecp says:

    I can’t see any way Casey Kelly sniffs the San Diego rotation next year, as he hasn’t been above AA and he continues to thoroughly underwhelm. Maybe in September, but that won’t be near enough to garner any ROY consideration.

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    • I actually tend to agree. The Kelly inclusion was just a name that was tossed my direction when I asked for a little insistence. I don’t think Kelly gets an extended look until 2013, but in that park….who knows?

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  11. FiendOfAthens says:

    Trevor Bauer!?

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