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Ottoneu Tools: FGPoints

Below are two tools for Ottoneu FGPoints players to be used for the 2014 MLB season.  The first tool is a roster building tool that will provide 2013 statistics, including platoon splits, for offensive players.  Ottoneu players can use this tool to construct their team and prepare for 2014 auction drafts.

The second tool is a 2014 player projection tool that Ottoneu players (and commissioners) can use to estimate player projections for the 2014 season.  The tool incorporates Steamer, Oliver, and 3 Year Average stats for each player and then allows you to enter your own projections for the 2014 season.  Your own projections (will auto-populate FanGraph’s “Fans” projections as of 2.8.14…you can override these projections by entering your own) will load the team dashboard at the top of the tool and provide you with a summary of what you can expect from your Ottoneu team in 2014.

Roster Breakdown w/platoon splits:


2014 Team Projections Tool: