1B Stock Watch: Pena & Morse

The season is barely more than a week old, but let’s quickly take stock of two first baseman headed in opposite directions…

Stock Up: Carlos Pena | Rays | Owned: 74! Yahoo! and 100.0% ESPN

Moving back to Tropicana Field after a one-year stint in Wrigley Field figures to take a bite out of Pena’s numbers over the long haul, but the first week back in the old digs has been a productive one (.536 wOBA in 22 PA). What I like most about Pena’s situation is his new batting order spot, second behind Desmond Jennings and ahead of Evan Longoria, Matt Joyce, and Ben Zobrist. It’s a prime RBI and runs scored spot, where his power and patience will play well. We know Pena won’t hit for average and his platoon split is an issue as well, but if he can’t get back over 100 RBI this season, he might never do it again.

Stock Down: Mike Morse | Nationals | Owned: 94% Yahoo! and 99.4% ESPN

A lat strain kept Morse on the shelf while the rest of the team broke camp, and the diagnosis has only gotten worse. Morse is now in “total shutdown mode” according to GM Mike Rizzo, and he won’t do anything for six weeks. If all goes well, maybe he’s back in the lineup in eight weeks, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Like oblique strains, lat issues can linger if not properly healed. Adam LaRoche‘s job is safe for the foreseeable future, and Morse remains will remain a question mark until June.

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  1. Lemer says:

    So lemme ask you this – I’ve got both Crawford and Morse on my team, only one DL spot. Morse was supposed to be my 1B, Gamel holding the fort for now.

    Who is likely to return more quickly? i.e., who would you hold on to if you can keep only one (there can be only one)? I’d been hoping to activate Morse today but after this news I think I may have to drop him.

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    • VJO says:

      I think Crawford is due back earlier – around mid-May if I’m not mistaken.

      Morse is supposed to be out 6 more weeks which means he’s due back early June.

      Personally I’m hanging onto Morse for now since he’s my only DL guy.

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    • Mike says:

      I’d hate to drop either. I would see what I could get for Crawford in a trade before I dropped him. Especially if you can wait a couple weeks as his stock should rise as good news starts to come out about his recovery. Or find someone with an open DL spot and try to trade Morse. They are both worth something, and if I didn’t have room on my team, I would do everything could to retain that value by upgrading another position.

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    • Tim says:

      I am literally in the same boat. Have both Crawford and Morse. Gamel is still available in my league so I might pick him up for the short run, or stick Trumbo in there to fill the gap for the time being.

      My team has gotten bit hard by the injury bug so far this year: Crawford, Morse, Fister, Storen.

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  2. Human says:

    What’s the point of this article? Congrats on highlighting the fastest starting 1st basemen and a guy who’s injured. This all seems obvious. To even comment on this article seems obvious. Someone vet these articles.

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  3. Jordan says:

    I have 2 DL spots but I have ellsbury, morse, and fister. I dont want to drop fister because he could be back soon and i would obviously like to keep morse and ellsbury on my DL. Should I just wait until we hear more about fister’s recovery?

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    • lol says:

      Same thing, Morse/Ellsbury/Fister. 2 DL spots so 1 just eats a roster spot until he comes back

      fantasy sports suck

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