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  1. Bourn CF (I do think they’ll end up landing him. They’ve been so determined to make a FA splash and he’s the best player available and fits their needs)
    Saunders LF
    Montero 1B
    Morales DH
    Seager 3B
    Ackley 2B
    Jaso C
    Gutierez RF
    Ryan SS
    I don’t think it’ll look like this on opening day. I think they’ll probably give Smoak 1 last chance, but after a crappy april they will send him to the bench and look at Montero to be their 1B of the future while Jaso holds down the C spot until Zunino is ready.
    the fringy guys like Bay/Ibanez/Carp/Wells, 1 or 2 of them will stick around and be used as bench/injury fill ins/platoon partners but I ultimately think the lineup will look like that, and if their guys progress well they could have a much more productive lineup than anticipated.

    Comment by TheOneWhoKnocks — December 28, 2012 @ 10:58 am

  2. I find it interesting that you point to the FG article when referencing Morales’s platoon splits when that article specifically addresses that Kendrys actually has been pretty good from both sides of the plates in more recent times.

    Comment by steex — December 28, 2012 @ 11:09 am

  3. Safeco Field has been brutal on Seattle’s talented young hitters (as well as opponents’ hitters). Last season the Mariners ranked eighth among the 30 MLB teams in runs scored on the road (and in a tie for sixth in homeruns on the road). It will be interested to see the net effect of bringing the fences in at Safeco Field.

    Comment by harmony55 — December 28, 2012 @ 12:21 pm

  4. Montero reportedly was given a few practice looks at 1b but he’s never played there. If he is truthfully an option for 1b (at this point it is highly doubtful) he should have done time there in the winter leagues. Jack Z. has made several comments indicating 1b for Montero is not an option.
    Unless future moves are in the works, adding Bay & Raul seems, at best, superfluous.

    Comment by algionfriddo — December 28, 2012 @ 12:27 pm

  5. If Bourn comes, Gutierrez goes. He has been injured, so much, how can he be depended on to anchor center. Carp blew his season on the first day of 2012 with a shoulder, he’ll be DFA’d,unless he has a monster spring.Morales will hit every day! They gave up a dependable starter for him. Smoak, has to be moved. There is no room for him. Probably get a bullpen guy or young minor. They spent so big on Montero, he has to be in the lineup most every day, either at C or DH. Bay, will not play, he’ll rot on the bench.They were not even thinking when they signed him of other guys coming in. He was signed. “just in case” we don’t get anyone else. Ibanez will be traded before the deadline back to a contender. Jaso splits time with Montero at catcher. Keep Casper, Thames and lose Saunders.

    Comment by James — December 28, 2012 @ 12:35 pm

  6. I understand, but they’re going through the motions as any organization would when they have a player with a lot of upside and questionable ability defensively.
    First they try to keep you at the position where you are most valuable (in his case C)
    When that fails, they try to hide you somewhere else(in his case, 1B)
    he could end up doing 50 games at C, 50 at DH and 25 at 1B, but they’re going to find a way to get him in the lineup and they’re going to be hesitant to make him a permanent DH at age 23

    Comment by soamx — December 28, 2012 @ 12:41 pm

  7. I guess I don’t understand why you’d DH Morales and start Montero at first, instead of vice versa. You’ve got a guy with over 2500 big league innings at a position and you’re going to bat him, but still take him off the field in favor of someone who has zero big league innings at that position?

    Comment by TheHoustonian — December 28, 2012 @ 12:54 pm

  8. My guess is that Stefen Romero ends up manning one of the corner OF spots before the end of 2013.

    Comment by hernandez17 — December 28, 2012 @ 2:06 pm

  9. Further, the statement about Carp’s “heavy” platoon split are completely erroneous. He, in fact, has a significant reverse split over the course of his (albeit short) MLB career.

    Comment by Dag Gummit — December 28, 2012 @ 3:43 pm

  10. There’s a problem with what you’ve said, though, soam — they’re not going through the motions to eventually convert him to 1B. If we’re to take your “going through the motions” argument, it wouldn’t be 1B they plan to hide him, but rather DH since they absolutely haven’t been hesitant to bat him there at age 22 and likely won’t at age 23.

    Comment by Dag Gummit — December 28, 2012 @ 3:57 pm

  11. Lose Saunders and keep Thames and Casper? Why in the world would they do that? Saunders was actually good last year.

    Comment by Yeah — December 28, 2012 @ 8:34 pm

  12. Saunders being good last year compared to what, his previous years? Then I agree. Compared to the potential of Thames or the power and defense of Wells, no.

    Comment by James — December 28, 2012 @ 9:32 pm

  13. But Saunders possesses more upside than we’ve seen yet. He has always been envisioned as the next Jay Buhner in a lot of people’s minds. Between Wells, Saunders and Thames, Thames is the 4th OF. This is mostly based on past expectations and “potential”, obviously, but that’s why Smoak is still in this discussion as well. I think there’s a higher ceiling for Saunders than Thames, and quite possibly Wells as well.

    Comment by CamraMaan — December 29, 2012 @ 1:35 am

  14. Saunders hit for a 108 wRC+ last year. Thames, as a LHB with a platoon split, hit for an 85 against RHP last year and 105 in his career. Saunders is better overall than Thames has been on his strong side.

    Further, the two are the same age (all of 9 days apart) while Saunders has more success at the MLB level and had earlier success at the AAA and AA levels. To actually say that Thames has more potential than Saunders is to completely ignore their MiLB and MLB performances.

    Comment by Dag Gummit — December 29, 2012 @ 7:32 am

  15. Some of these pick-ups were mildly perplexing.

    However, IMHO, there are multiple goals, all somewhat related to the youth of this team. Teach them how good professionals conduct themselves during the off-season. Provide real competition. Provide examples of veterans who are not fatalists with respect to knocking it out of safeco. Recognition that some of these guys must put up or shut up;-most notably Smoak. Back-up plans for players that were counted on , but might not make the grade….

    By way of example. Suppose they decide to send smoak down to “tighten” his swing? And/Or suppose they’ve decided to move carp to Baltimore and train Montero at 1b, so he can be a 1b/catcher back-up when needed.

    Comment by Bbboston — December 29, 2012 @ 8:18 am

  16. Everyone is going to have to compete for jobs in spring training. (Except for Felix and Kuma) Nobody knows for sure how things will shake out. Most likely there will some surprises, injuries and disappointments, there usually is. There is enough talent potential there for some seriously good production. Without any further improvement the M’s will play .500 or better next season, baring significant DL losses.

    Comment by maqman — December 29, 2012 @ 10:50 am

  17. Clearly something’s got to give. A trade, someone getting sent down to AAA, somehow the team has to cull one or more 1B/DH types from the roster. Based on probable ability and assuming no signings or trades I’d like to see the regular outfield be Saunders, Guti, Wells/Thames with Ibanez the bench bat and Bay getting released.

    For 1B/DH I have a real problem letting Ibanez get any AB’s. Jaso, Montero and Morales are the team’s best bats so I don’t really want to see any of them sit very often. Morales probably can’t play 1B every day yet, so you work Smoak into that mix. Montero, Morales, Smoak vs. lefties and Jaso, Montero, Morales vs. righties.

    This would put Ibanez and one of Smoak or Jaso on the bench each day giving some decent PH possibilities. But it also makes Ibanez pretty expendable. That’s why I feel pretty strongly something has to give. Could be Smoak going to AAA to start the year.

    Comment by short — December 29, 2012 @ 11:23 pm

  18. I wonder if the Mariners haven’t taken a little bit of a page from the A’s playbook. That is, bringing last legs veterans and a few marginal prospects and force them all to compete for playing time. Find good platoon match ups, ride players streaks, have relatively fungible depth to replace injured guys and try to see if they can walk into an offense that is somehow slightly better than the sum of it’s parts through mix and match.

    Comment by Oaktown Steve — December 31, 2012 @ 2:00 pm

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