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  1. Just as I suspected. Thanks for the footwork.

    Comment by Gigantic Phil — April 24, 2010 @ 11:48 am

  2. Check CBS leagues too, make ESPN and Yahoo look like amateur hour.

    Comment by Goose — April 24, 2010 @ 11:58 am

  3. CBS analysis is what’s amateur, terrible, terrible fantasy analysis.

    Comment by Chris — April 24, 2010 @ 12:08 pm

  4. Interesting to note: in a post yesterday it said Clay Buchholz was owned in 43% of Yahoo Leagues. He’s owned in 97% percent at ESPN.

    Comment by Seth — April 24, 2010 @ 12:10 pm

  5. A lot of those are based on the automatic rankings at each site.
    Buchholz was probably ranked relatively low on Yahoo and thus never got hit by autodraft and never got noticed in a lot of drafts
    He was probably above the 260 autodraft pick for ESPN and got lots of autodrafts/was noticed by lots of people as he approached the top of the list

    Comment by Gary — April 24, 2010 @ 12:34 pm

  6. I think that’s an interesting discrepancy related to how hard Clay has been pimped by ESPN writers.

    An East coast company who constantly touts Red Sox vs. Yankees as the only baseball games worth watching probably influences their fantasy gamers. That isn’t meant as a slam, just speculation.

    Comment by Gigantic Phil — April 24, 2010 @ 12:35 pm

  7. Can’t the “Owned %” of a pitcher vary greatly if the pitcher is one that is being streamed? I’m thinking of pitchers like Colby Lewis, Cj Wilsom, Millwood, Correale, even Marcum has bounced around. Add in Pavano, Masterson, Penny, and Blanton.
    I lot of top drafted pitcher have not pitched well: Beckett, Lester, Lackey, Wandy-Rod, Vazquez, to name some, and as such teams have reverted to streaming more for an added W or more Ks. The top guys will reamain owned, but to open a slot for a spot starter there has been more turning over of the second tier pitchers than normal.

    Comment by Ted Hoppe — April 24, 2010 @ 1:32 pm

  8. Autodrafted teams in leagues always end up skewing the results. ESPN right now has Joe Nathan rostered in 5.9% of leagues. I personally don’t trust percentage owned as a way to analyze players in competitive leagues.

    Comment by Ben — April 25, 2010 @ 2:43 am

  9. Yahoo’s rankings were really bad this year. After the top 30 or so, it was almost random.

    Comment by Nate — April 25, 2010 @ 1:56 pm

  10. I believe that Yahoo defaults are 12 teams while ESPN is 10 teams which would affect the number of players owned between the two sites.

    Comment by Jake — April 25, 2010 @ 4:04 pm

  11. While noone is claiming that CBSSportsline has the best analysis on the web, certainly I think that CBSSportsline hosts a lot more mature, deeper leagues. I am curious to see how they rank up versus Yahoo and ESPN.

    Comment by UnkleFester — April 25, 2010 @ 4:58 pm

  12. Sure, but in Buchholz’s case, shouldn’t that increase his % in Yahoo and decrease it in ESPN? There is obviously another big factor at play.

    Comment by David — April 25, 2010 @ 7:20 pm

  13. I think most Yahoo leagues start fewer players on average. The ESPN leagues I’ve seen have 6 infielders and 5 outfielders while most Yahoo leagues have 4 infielders and 3 outfielders, so that could make a big difference.

    Comment by JL — April 26, 2010 @ 1:05 am

  14. I use Yahoo! stats for another reason as well- to esimate the percentage of Yahoo! public leagues with idle teams. You can see things like Joe Nathan still owned in 7% of leagues as one estimate of a baseline. You’ll see guys who’ve been on the DL for more than a week who are still starting in around 15% of leagues.

    Comment by JayCee — April 26, 2010 @ 6:16 am

  15. ESPN expert leagues have 10 team leagues. Karabell, Berry etc. speak of this quite often.

    Every Yahoo league I’ve been in has been a 12 team league with 6 infielders, 5 outfielders and a UTIL, but it’s really too subjective to calculate.

    There are 5 team leagues, 16 team leagues with no bench, etc. Too many outliers to postulate the discrepancies of percent-owned in my mind.

    Nathan is owned in 7% of leagues? Can’t we safely assume those are keeper leagues?

    Comment by Cary — April 26, 2010 @ 10:55 am

  16. Unfortunately I’m betting the majority of those 7% are just apathetic owners.

    Comment by Seth — April 26, 2010 @ 5:13 pm

  17. Or they’re in keeper leagues. I own Nathan in a league, keeping him stashed on my DL for next year. He’s definitely worth the hold until next year.

    Comment by Lazar — April 29, 2010 @ 2:05 am

  18. You can watch a lot of funny videos about these athletes..

    Comment by Robert — December 16, 2011 @ 3:11 pm

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