ADP Crowdsourcing: Joe Mauer

In today’s ADP Crowdsourcing, we go back to looking at a star, and and are using pick number as our unit of measurement because of it.

Joe Mauer was a certifiable star heading into 2010 fantasy drafts. The catcher had hit close to 30 home runs, signed a massive extension and helped the Twins move into their new ballpark. His 2011 was far less spectacular, even though he ended up posting 5 WAR. Mauer ended 2010 with 9 homers, 88 runs scored and a .327 batting average. That line would have been more than acceptable from any other catcher, but after the numbers Mauer put up the year before, it was seen as a disappointment.

Mauer’s 2009 was clearly a blip on the radar, what with hitting 28 homers while stroking less than 30% fly balls (good for a 20.4% HR/FB%) and having a BABIP of .373. However, Mauer is still a great catcher and a solid fantasy option because of his sexy batting average and place in Minnesota’s batting order. While double-digit home runs would surely be a nice treat, Mauer doesn’t derive the majority of his value from dingers.

After disappointing some fans in 2011, where will Mauer be drafted? We can safely say he won’t be taken at the end of the first round like he was in 2010, but he should still be the first catcher off the board assuming someone doesn’t fall in love with Buster Posey. However, it’s unclear when Mauer’s power “potential” weighed with his consistently impressive batting average becomes too much to pass on and he is drafted.

We are still voting on where you think Mauer will be drafted by the average owner, but we’re going to take it a step further. We are also going to vote on where you would draft him, as well. Also, please note we are pick number, not round this time because of Mauer’s likely ADP. Below is a link to the voting form, and please read the wording carefully. For the voting, we’re assuming a 12-team standard league, using 5×5 scoring.

To submit your vote, click here.

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I usually punt catchers, especially in a two-catcher AL-only keeper. But last draft, he went for 45 dollars. Let’s just say that team finished last, and I wouldn’t have spent that money.

On a snake, obviously he is the first catcher taken. But I can’t see anything higher than the 2nd round. Mid-2nd sounds about right…


I agree, both with around the 18th pick, and that I wouldn’t take him anywhere near there…