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Ironically for a person that loves fantasy baseball, my record-keeping is not always fantastic. I thought it might be useful to gather all my ADP Values in one post as a sort of (incomplete) sleeper list, while also adding (zingy) recaps of the reasons behind their values, as well as the newest ADPs that are available around the interwebbings. This will also help remind me what positions I have left to cover in the series (everyone wins!).

*Player (MockDraftCentral ADP, Yahoo ADP)


Brian McCann (43.85, 39.6)
(Cheapest top-tier catcher with power.)
Miguel Montero (145.07, 175.7)
(Montero could easily repeat his strong 2009 and join the top rungs.)
Chris Iannetta (175.47, 194.2)
(Iannetta could use a little BABIP love, but the power is legit enough.)
A.J. Pierzynski (250.92, 201.4)
(He can be average, for a below-average price.)
Adam Moore (NA, NA)
(Moore might start in Seattle and has upside, but no experience.)
J.R. Towles (NA, NA)
(Can Towles finally post a league-average BABIP and be a decent backstop this year?)

First Base
Chris Davis (161.42, 229.6)
(Haven’t done the ADP Value piece for this position, so these are the deep leaguers, and Davis is the whiff/bomb king.)
Jorge Cantu (172.12, 153.7)
(He can, too, but this price is slowly getting a little too rich.)
Lyle Overbay (407.40, NA)
(The ‘other’ James Loney, at least Over-baby is cheap.)

Second Base
Ben Zobrist (57.82, 42.6)
(Originally in the shortstop piece, Zobrist is a better sleeper at short, but only eligible at 2B in many leagues.)
Dan Uggla (85.98, 75.8)
(If you’re going to pay for a second baseman, why not take one with a near-guaranteed .200+ ISO?)
Rickie Weeks (199.48 (up from 212.37), 108.4)
(This looks like some rankings bias right here – I would avoid Weeks at the Yahoo price.)
Martin Prado (259.51, 195.6)
(Prado is a good deep league value, but he’s still borderline in mixed leagues.)
Placido Polanco (256.43, 192.6)
(Submitted by reader Will, and approved, in a comeback from being overrated in fantasy.)
Kelly Johnson (321.58, NA)
(If you really, really don’t want to pay for your second baseman, has a chance to be decent once again.)
Alberto Callaspo (333.13, 224.7) / Chris Getz (NA, NA)
(Somewhere in here is a decent starting second baseman in deep leagues, but you may have to handcuff.)

Elvis Andrus (152.63, 115.40)
(That Texas lineup will be scooting around the basepaths this year, and Andrus should benefit. As his ADP creeps up, though, the value shifts to the other speedy shortstops.)
Ryan Theriot (276.70, 197.5)
(Theriot manages to be okay in batting average leagues and could be a deep league value.)
Everth Cabrera (244.91, 266.1)
(Which low-powered speedy shortstop will you take? This one is the bet for the worst batting average.)
Alcides Escobar (267.54, 207.1)
(Deep-league value approved, the other other Esco will offer some speed at least.)
Mike Aviles (334.65, NA)
(AL-only endgame shot in the dark only has the worst position player in baseball to beat out.)

Third Base
Ryan Zimmerman (34.20 (up from 39.78), 37.7)
(Surprisingly weak third base class plus emerging young player equals value.)
Gordon Beckham (92.54, 138.20)
(Yahoo seems to provide better value, and even 600 at-bats of last year’s version would outproduce this pick.)
Adrian Beltre (192.50, 168.1)
(New park and good health could make for a nice bounce-back season.)
Alex Gordon (241.64, 217.6)
(Was making progress before his injury-derailed 2009 season.)
David Freese (332.31, NA)
(Still all alone on the hot corner in St. Louis.)

Grady Sizemore (28.97, 26.9)
(Injury comeback will remind Grady’s Ladies to come back to the park.)
Curtis Granderson (50.18, 55.4)
(Nice new park, bounce-back average will combine for a good year.)
Manny Ramirez (64.88, 87)
(How old is too old?)
Carlos Gonzalez (123.79, 139.4)
(The hype train continues.)
Nyjer Morgan (131.25 ,178)
(Or perhaps the new Morgan, Brett Gardner (330.04, NA)?)
Nolan Reimold (203.88, 194.88)
(He should heel.)
Colby Rasmus (215.97, NA)
(There are questions here, but lots of upside here.)
Travis Snider (255.88, NA)
(Big power, big whiffa, big value at the price.)
J.D. Drew (297.07, NA)
(Still best as a fourth/fifth fantasy outfielder, Drew can still poke it out of the park from time to time.)
Drew Stubbs (311.23, NA)
(Deep league value for steals.)
Kyle Blanks (318.98, NA)
(Big, big Blanks is shooting nothing but moon-shots and sparks from his afro this year.)
Matt LaPorta (327.73, NA)
(A little subdued by recent news – the Russell Branyan signing, but still a good sleeper.)

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