Alejandro De Aza: Deep League Waiver Wire

After searching far and deep, I was only able to uncover one hidden gem for this week’s deep league waiver wire. Contrary to popular belief, not all White Sox hitters are cursed this year. This week’s pick will hopefully prove to be one of the few who manged to escape the can’t hit disease.

Alejandro De Aza, CHW OF | 3% Owned

With Carlos Quentin on the DL and Adam Dunn speeding up his retirement plans, outfield playing time has opened up for De Aza. Though no longer young or considered a prospect, he is still just 27 and was once a speed demon in the Marlins system. Now, he seems to have added some power to his game as well. De Aza makes decent contact, and walks at a below average clip, but seems to know his game is about speed and has hit nearly 50% of his balls in play on the ground. As a result, his BABIP has always been high which suggests he could sustain a well above average mark. Clearly, his current .382 is probably above his head, but a favorable batting average should continue. He stole 22 bases in 385 Triple-A at-bats this season, but at a pedestrian success rate, though he has been more efficient in the past. Though he had shown little power pre-2009, his ISO marks have jumped from sub-.100 to .206, .138 and .171 in the minors, so his current .194 may not be such a fluke. There is a real opportunity for De Aza to continue accumulating at-bats and he has the skills to potentially contribute some in every category. Desperate mixed leaguers may even want to give a look.

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Mike Podhorzer produces player projections using his own forecasting system and is the author of the eBook Projecting X: How to Forecast Baseball Player Performance, which teaches you how to project players yourself. His projections helped him win the inaugural 2013 Tout Wars mixed draft league. He also sells beautiful photos through his online gallery, Pod's Pics. Follow Mike on Twitter @MikePodhorzer and contact him via email.

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  1. Mike says:

    I picked him a month ago in my home A.L.-only and he has delivered, with a .343 BA and a 2/12/5 line in 67 AB. Guys like De Aza seem painful for mixed leaguers even to discuss, but the FA OFs in the pool for me right now are:

    Craig Gentry
    Conor Jackson
    Jerad Head
    Mitch Maier
    Mike McCoy

    In a super deep leagaue, someone like De Aza is worth his weight in gold.

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  2. KJ says:

    For my keeper, been watching him a lot lately. Do you like him over JD Martinez, Blanks, or Bourgeois (falling out of my favor) for 2012? and beyond I suppose

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    • TheBigDawg says:


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    • Mike Podhorzer says:

      Yeah agree with Blanks. Though not a huge fan, De Aza and Bourgeois really don’t have a future with their organizations as starters. Blanks looks to have the best upside and better chance at a starting job, but being in San Diego obviously hurts.

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      • PG says:

        De Aza might have a future with the White Sox. Pierre is gone at season’s end and Quentin is a trade candidate. Rios might have played his way out of a guaranteed starting role next season as well. Viciedo is all but assured a spot in the OF, but that still leaves two possibilities for De Aza. The White Sox like having a speedy leadoff guy, and De Aza is a plus defender in all three OF position. After all, the White Sox are the team that had Dewayne Wise start 2009 as the starting CF and leadoff hitter. De Aza is a far superior player, and, in my opinion, not at all out of the question.

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