All Questions Answered Thread

Since we are getting dangerously close to draft day in most leagues, many of you readers will have some questions you’d like answered. In an effort to help, I am giving you a chance to get your questions answered today.

All reasonable questions posted in the comments by 9:00 PM EDT will be answered. What makes a question reasonable? Glad you asked.

A reasonable question would look something like:
• “Who would you rather have, Matt Holliday or Nick Markakis?”
• “Rank these five players: Martin Prado, Kyle Seager, Aaron Hill, Dan Uggla, and Chase Utley
• “What is your projection for Mark Trumbo?”

An unreasonable question would be:
• “Who would you rather have, Albert Pujols or Adam Moore?”
• “I have these 20 players, and I’d like you to rank them.”

Of course there’s a gray area, but I’m a decent human being and will probably answer your question. Just please be gentle and don’t make the questions too time consuming. One question per person only, please.

You can ask about any relevant fantasy topic, from draft day etiquette to anything else on your mind, it will likely be answered.

So, let’s get to it! Any questions?

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