An Unofficial September DL List

In September, teams are able to bring up any player to the majors that is on the 40 man roster. When a player gets hurt, a team has no incentive to put the player on the DL to open up a spot. Because teams are ignoring the DL, it is hard knowing exactly which players are not going to play and for how long.

The most important aspect that fantasy owners face is that the non-playing, hurt players can’t be moved to a DL slot without the DL designation. Teams in keeper leagues will be forced to keep these players on their active roster therefore denying an extra usable bench player on a fantasy roster.

Here is a list of players that should be on the DL, but aren’t because of changes to the roster size in September.

Kenley Jansen – He is out with an irregular heart beat and is currently taking blood thinners. He could possibly return by Sept. 17th, but a good chance exists that he may not pitch again this season.

Jeff Niemann – He went to see James Andrews last week and did not have surgery on this throwing shoulder. Chances are slim for a 2012 return. If he does return, it will probably be in a long relief role.

Brandon McCarthy – Brandon experienced a skull fracture and hemorrhaging from being hit in the head with a ball. He is done for the season and can be dropped in redraft leagues.

Jake Westbrook – An oblique strain will keep him off the mound until the end of the season.

Chris Tillman – It has been 8 days since his last start and it looks like at least a week before he starts again. I could see the Orioles push to get him back as soon as possible to help them make the playoffs.

Ben Sheets – Sheets is similar to Tillman in that he could be available the last week or so of the season. The issue with Sheets is that he may not see many if any starts. The Braves have decent starting pitching depth which the Orioles do not. Sheets is officially on the D.L.(h/t to jevant)

Mark Teixeira – Mark re-injured his left calf Saturday night and could miss anywhere from 4 games to the rest of the season.

Nick Markakis – Nick is done for the season with a broken thumb. Feel free to drop him in re-draft leagues.

Zack Cozart – He has a slight oblique strain. He would be close to getting put on the DL if it was needed. With the Reds having an 8.5 game lead in the NL Central, I see no reason for the Reds to rush him back during the regular season.

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  1. jevant says:

    Sheets, thank goodness, is actually on the DL. Considering my dynasty team has 3 names on this list (Teix and McCarthy the others), and would have had 4 if I hadn’t dropped Tillman, I’m pretty glad that Sheets hit the DL before it gets eliminated.

    Our league has a rule that no add/drops can be made in the fantasy playoffs (to ensure that all owners have a chance at all players). Looking at changing it for future years.

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    • NatsFan73 says:

      Can you allow add/drops and simply declare players added during the playoffs as ineligible to be kept for the next year? A bit more overhead for the commissioner, but worth it IMHO

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  2. CharmCity says:

    And Strasburg, not that he is hurt…

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    • Jeff Zimmerman says:

      or Jeff Samadkfjalkdjflajfla of the Cubs. I am looking at covering these pitchers later in the week.

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  3. Just Jim says:

    I’m sure in a day or so Jose Altuve will qualify for this list. I’m so glad I traded away Aaron Hill at the deadline.

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  4. Craftcj says:

    8.5 game lead or no, the soul-crushing sight of Wilson Valdez manning SS every night is reason enough for the Reds to hurry Cozart back.

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  5. jon says:

    Keep an eye on Corey Hart (high ankle sprain). That could be either a lengthy absence or a nagging problem.

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  6. Detroit Michael says:

    Let’s mention that beginning in 2011, MLB encourages teams to still use the disabled list during September to track DL statistics. Hence, there are some players placed on the 15-day disabled list, certainly more than there used to be in past Septembers.

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