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Second Opinion: Now Available!

I’m pleased to announce that FanGraphs first publication, The 2010 Second Opinion is now available for sale at the price of $7.95! What you get is a PDF and all the information is also available online through your account. Here’s the rundown:

Player Profiles – Over 400 in-depth player profiles written by many of the FanGraphs and RotoGraphs contributors you’re already familiar with.

Articles – Closer situations, players coming back from injuries, sophomore players to watch, 2010 fantasy prospects, impact trades, the big questions for 2010, and something that Carson wrote, where he answers your questions before you even ask them!

Stats & Graphs – Each player profile is accompanied by a stat box with 10 very useful stats for both fantasy and real-life player evaluation including spark graphs showing career trends.

Team Previews – Each team is previewed for next season, giving you the rundown on what to expect from a fantasy and real-life standpoint.

Bonus Material – FanGraphs has partnerned with ESPN Insider this season and if you purchase the PDF, you’ll have access to anything we write for ESPN Insider right here on up until March 1st, 2011.

Online Integration – In addition to the PDF, you will have access to all the information in the book on when logged in to your FanGraphs account. This information will include the written player profiles which will be integrated into the stats pages and all the articles and team previews in the book.

If you run into any payment problems or other issues please fill out a contact form and we’ll try and solve the problem as soon as possible!

RotoGraphs Job Openings: Fantasy Writers

RotoGraphs is now accepting applications for fantasy baseball writers. These are paid, part-time positions that require a commitment of five posts per week. We are specifically looking for writers with knowledge of multiple fantasy formats, who are comfortable with writing strategy-based articles.

Writers may be asked to tackle specific topics as assigned, but a big part of the job is to independently develop interesting topics and ideas on a regular basis. Strong writing skills and the ability to write clean copy are important along with a familiarity of the statistics found on FanGraphs.

To apply, please send us email with your background and why you’d like to write for us. Please include anything you think will be helpful in evaluating your application such as: writing samples, links to current blogs, fantasy experience, resume, etc….

Interested writers can contact us (David Appelman and Marc Hulet) at with the heading RotoGraphs Application 2010.

CHONE Projections

The CHONE Projections are now up in the player pages, the projections section, and you can get a customized player list of projections using the MyTeam feature.

Huge thanks to Sean Smith for allowing us to post the projections again this year and don’t forget to check out to see any player’s projection in more detail.

2009 Bill James Handbook Projections

They’re here!

The 2009 Bill James Handbook projections are now available on FanGraphs in the individual player pages. Big thanks to Baseball Info Solutions for letting us run these for the 3rd year in a row! If you want the sortable stats version and are not content with seeing one player at a time, you will have to purchase a copy directly from them.

RotoGraphs Launch!

Welcome to RotoGraphs!

Originally FanGraphs was started as a fantasy baseball analysis tool. I use FanGraphs constantly to make decisions in my fantasy baseball league and with a combination of luck and smart moves often prompted by the information available on FanGraphs, I’ve won my league 4 out of the past 5 years.

I have a couple goals for this blog:

1. To make fantasy analysis easy for you. We’ve assembled an excellent team of writers and analysts to break down the numbers for you. Whether you agree with their analysis is up for you to decide, but they will be giving you their unique perspective on players using many of the metrics available on FanGraphs.

2. It’s my hope that as you read the analysis available on this blog, you’ll become more accustom to the style in which we analyze players, prompting you to do your own analysis if you so choose.

Our team of writers consists of (in alphabetical order):

Peter Bendix of
David Golebiewski of ESPN Inside Edge and
Marc Hulet of and the blog
Brian Joura of and

I know baseball season just ended, but it’s never too early to start preparing for next season and we’ll be blogging multiple times a day, about as many players and strategies as possible.