Brad Lidge and Travis Snider: Waiver Wire Preparation for the Second Half

While most are taking a little breather from their fantasy baseball teams during the All Star Break, it can’t hurt to scour your waiver wire and see who’s still out there that may help you out for your second half push.  Players coming back from injury are always a good target as well as players recently called back up from the minors.  Here are two for you to consider…

Brad Lidge |RP|  Ownership:  ESPN – 24.8%  Yahoo – 49%

Easily, the most dismissed name in fantasy circles these days as Lidge’s health and meltdowns have sent owners running from Houston and Philadelphia bullpens over the years.  But for those in need of saves help in the second half, I happily point to Lidge’s impending return and note his 2010 second half in which he posted 21 saves with a 2.10 ERA and notched 31 Ks in 30 innings of work.  Opposing batters hit just .162 against him, and Lidge went on to be one of the more productive closers after the All Star Break.

Obviously the injury issues this season have been a little more severe for Lidge who started off on the DL with a rotator cuff issue and then extended his stay with elbow inflammation.  But positive reports are coming in from his rehab stints down in Single and Double-A and the Phillies say that they want him to make another half dozen appearances in the coming weeks.  That puts him on track for an end of July/early August return and given Ryan Madson’s injury and the rest of the Philly pen, Lidge could be closing out games for them soon enough.  If you need the relief help, it’s probably a risk worth taking so long as the rest of his rehab goes well.

Travis Snider |OF|  Ownership:  ESPN – 31.5%  Yahoo – 26%

Since his recall from the minors, Snider has hit a cool .367 with 1 HR, 8 RBI and 6 doubles.  Sure, it’s just in 31 plate appearances and sure, this teeny-tiny sample size is also supported by a .500 BABIP, but you’re going to want to strike while the iron is hot….and right now, that iron is sizzling.  A lot of credit is being given to the coaches down in Triple-A Las Vegas who, once Snider was cleared to play after suffering a concussion, revamped his swing in an effort to generate more power.

He still strikes out too much, and his average will certainly come down dramatically.  But he is considered the Blue Jays starting right fielder moving forward and he will receive an abundance of opportunities here.  if he can trim down on the Ks and can continue to cut down on the ground balls as he has done recently, then, on the generous side, be looking at 10-12 HR in the second half with some solid RBI production.  Maybe it’s a big if, but if you have the roster spot, how many other full time starting outfielders on a high run producing team are still available to you?  I think Snider is worth the look.

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  1. Travis says:

    Even healthy Lidge will not close out another game for the Phillies. Bastardo is filthy and Madson can’t be too far away from returning. He only has a hand bruise that he semi-effectively pitched through for a week or two before going on the DL.

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    • Steve Balboni says:

      A rational person would agree wth you. But in recent years, Charlie Manuel kept running Lidge out there when Lidge was horrendous and Madson was awesome. You can’t just bet on skills when evaluating closers, you need to wear your Mike Rowe helmet and gloves and descend into the minds of Charlie Manual, Dusty Baker, Don Mattingly, the Met’s guy, Etc.

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    • Howard Bender says:


      What Steve said…..

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      • novaether says:

        Actually Charlie sticks with something if it’s working, no matter what. You’ll see him stick with an odd batting order that fell into place due to various injuries only because he doesn’t want to upset any balance. When Lidge comes back, take a look at the current closer (Madson? Bastardo? Maybe even Stutes?). If he is doing well, he’ll continue to close. Lidge will come right back to next in line, though.

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  2. rotofan says:

    About Snider, while it’s true no one will come close to sustaining a .500 BABIP. it’s important to note that one-third of his batted balls have been line drives and not one an infield pop-up. His average will drop and ld rate too but I would expect he will hit for a respectable average as a slugger.

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  3. slash12 says:

    snider, or hafner?

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    • Howard Bender says:

      Call me crazy, but I’d rather go with the upside of Snider. With Hafner’s increased K%, his unsustainable .388 BABIP and the strong likelihood that he tweaks, pulls, or tears something to land him on the DL, i don’t have much faith in him for the second half.

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  4. Victor says:

    I’m a believer in Snider’s talent. He’s finally letting his naturally powerful hands work in the zone as opposed to his previously letting his clumsier body dictate the path of the bat through the zone. Hopefully he can maintain his new mechanics and pitchers don’t find a huge hole in the new swing.

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  5. Hoof says:

    Snider plays left field… unless you think he’ll be better than Bautista who will be in right once Lawrie comes up.

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  6. SF 55 for life says:

    I’m just not ready to buy into Snider right now. I see the production and I recognize the upside but the strike outs are still too worrisome for me.

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  7. j bones says:

    Hold onto Snider or drop for Alex Gordon?

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  8. hoof – u ever think maybe lawrie don’t make it this year. read the comments. watch the lineup. dey no needa him. sinder and thames are both the man, meng.

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