Brett Lawrie and Allen Craig: Waiver Wire

Today’s edition of Waiver Wire is totally awesome.

Brett Lawrie | 10% Owned (Y!) | 5% Owned (ESPN)
The Blue Jays top prospect has gotten a lot of hype these past couple of weeks, but for some strange reason we haven’t contributed just yet. Lawrie has flashed the three elite fantasy tools (power, speed, average) while playing in Triple-A. Some of it is thanks to playing in a hitters park, but a slugging percentage over .650 isn’t anything to sneeze at. The Blue Jays have said they will make a decision on whether or not to call up Lawrie today, and while I expected them to have him in the big leagues by the weekend, they may choose to keep Lawrie down for a little bit after he was hit in the hand by a pitch on Tuesday. Lawrie will be eligible at second base as well as third base after a week or two in the majors, depending on what league you play in. The Blue Jays are likely to give him a long leash in the bigs, as their other third base options have been severely disappointing. Lawrie is ownable in all leagues at the moment, so you should think about picking him up if he’s on the waiver wire.

Allen Craig | 11% | 10%
After a rash of injuries at the second base position, the Cardinals decided to give Craig a try to fill a gaping hole. Craig was primarily an outfielder in the majors last year, but that doesn’t mean he’s always played out in the grass. During his time in the minor leagues, Craig normally played third base until the Cardinals moved him to the outfield in 2009. Craig actually played one game at second base in low-A ball in his 2006 season (recording a putout and two assists), so this isn’t exactly his first time at second.

Throughout his career, Craig has flashed plus power and decent on-base numbers. Craig’s bat was never the question; the Cardinals just had no where to play Craig on a regular basis, and they may have found it. Craig’s batting average is currently inflated by some good luck on balls in play, but that doesn’t mean he can’t hit .280 or higher over the rest of this season. He doesn’t play in a good ballpark for power numbers, but hitting in an above-average lineup will help his other counting stats.

If Craig is being trusted to play four or five times a week in St. Louis, fantasy owners should pounce on his positional eligibility and wait for Skip Schumaker to hit himself out of a starting job.

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15 Responses to “Brett Lawrie and Allen Craig: Waiver Wire”

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  1. mike says:

    I’m going to give Lawrie a .270 7/14 line for the rest of the season.

    Not bad, but with all the hype, definetly a let down.

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    • Dave says:

      If I was Lawrie or his agent I wouldn’t take what you are giving him and hold out for more. Maybe counter with .282 12/22 in hopes of settling in a middle ground of .275 9/19

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  2. rob says:

    Currently have Craig filling in at second with Lawrie on the bench waiting for the call-up. Because he doesn’t quite play everyday, is it safe to drop Craig once Lawrie does come up.

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    • Junker23 says:

      I’ve got the same problem, who does I keep?!?!?

      Trying to trade Lawrie before he comes up is prolly my best bet, but my leaguemates hate trading. It’s real annoying.

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  3. kid says:

    Craig’s bat deserves to play every day. As far as Busch, Pujols, Holliday, Rasmus and Berkman haven’t had a problem hitting there.

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  4. strugz says:

    I don’t think this post did Craig justice.

    Craig will play every day with Holliday out of the lineup. He batted clean up last night. If he keeps swinging a hot bat hey’ll be an everyday player by the time Holliday comes back. He batted 2nd in front of Pujols/Holliday/Berkman on Tuesday. Yes and thanks!

    He’s 26 already. Always was known for a bat but no glove. Solid on base skills and some sneaky speed that may be the cause for the consistently high BABIP throughout his career:
    2008(AA) 568pas/22hr/.304avg/.329babip/.373obp
    2009(AAA) 521pas/26hr/.322avg/.353babip/.374obp
    2010(AAA) 350pas/14hr/.320avg/.351babip/.389obp
    2011 113pas/4hr /.347avg/.395babip/.420obp

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  5. El Guapo says:

    Lawrie is 21 and gonna have a long and productive career — power, speed and average. Craig? Maybe not so long nor as productive.

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    • Steve Braucksieker says:

      Craig has done it at the ML level, Lawrie hasn’t.

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      • Shaun Catron says:

        Well thats not very fair Steve, Lawrie hasn’t even taken 1 AB at the ML level, the jury isn’t out on him yet. Thats like saying James Loney is a more productive 1B than Anthony Rizzo because Loneys “done it” at the ML level.

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  6. Parker says:

    I’d love to take the bet on who will have a higher career WAR between Lawrie and Craig. I’m going with Lawrie

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  7. Sean says:

    I didn’t realize Lawrie was 2B eligible to go along with 3rd.

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  8. nolan says:

    Allen Craig or Jon Jay?

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