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All Questions Answered Thread

You guys are out and about. We guys are out and about. In between, we can help answer your fantasy baseball trade questions. Please tell us the settings in your league in a succinct way, as well as give us some idea of your team strengths. Without writing a novel!

You’ll get a response from me or one of our great RotoGraphs staff members for your trouble.

All Questions Answered Thread: March 13, 2014

Since tomorrow marks the beginning of a busy drafting weekend, many of you readers will have some questions you’d like answered. In an effort to help, I am giving you a chance to get your questions answered today.

All reasonable questions posted in the comments by 8:00 PM EDT will be answered. What makes a question reasonable? Glad you asked.

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Chad Young ottoneu deadline chat — 1/31/13

I will be by from 10-11pm ET tonight to chat before the ottoneu deadline. The queue will open well before, so get your questions in!

All Questions Answered

Hey! I ate some raw garlic last night and am still not functioning well enough to do an actual post. I won’t chat on Turkey day, so consider this the best I can do for now. apologies from my rotten gut. Please try to give all relevant league information and keep it to one or two questions at first.

Eno Sarris Baseball Chat — 11/8/12

Still baseball, fantasy baseball and beer in thirds, more or less, still me, still that Friday fresh feeling, but now on Thursdays.

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