Crowdscouring Yu’s Draft Round & Auction Values

Over the last few weeks we’ve spent some time crowdscourcing Yu Darvish‘s expected 5×5 stats and ottoneu points production, and now I want to use that data to crowdsource his expected draft round and various auction values. But first, a quick recap of our previous crowdsourcing escapades…

Wins 14
ERA 3.21
WHIP 1.13
K 174
Saves 0
Ottoneu Points 932.5
IP per 100 Points 19.4

You can click on the above links for more detail, but in a nutshell the 5×5 results put Darvish on par with the 2011 versions of Jon Lester and Madison Bumgarner while the ottoneu points results equate him to last year’s Jaime Garcia and Mat Latos. The masses clearly expect some big things out of the Rangers’ new right-hander.

Based on those results and your personal preference, please participate in the poll below regarding Darvish’s draft round (assuming 12-team mixed league and 5×5 scoring) and auction values ($260 budget, 5×5 stats as well as $400 budget, ottoneu points). Thanks in advance.

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3 Responses to “Crowdscouring Yu’s Draft Round & Auction Values”

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  1. Detroit Michael says:

    Is the dollar amount in the second question really supposed to be $240, not $260?

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  2. Yunesky Maya says:

    Yuneski Maya is worth at least $.01 or maybe more. He’s still in professional ball, right? Or did he pull a Juan Oviedo and change his name to Johan Santana? That would explain the recent injuries and skin color change.

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