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Crowdsourcing Results: Cespedes’ Draft Round & Auction Values

With Yu Darvish sufficiently crowdsourced, it’s time to look at this offseason’s other big international import: Yoenis Cespedes. Last week we asked you about his acquisition cost, specifically when you would be comfortable grabbing him in three formats…

  1. 12-team mixed league, 5×5 scoring
  2. $260 budget, 5×5 scoring
  3. $400 budget, ottoneu points

We received a total of 325 responses, and the results are as follows…

Draft Round $260 Auction $400 Auction
Average 13.6 $6.7 $8.6
Standard Dev. 4.6 $5.1 $7.2
Median 14 $6 $7
Mode 12 $1 $1

Unsurprisingly, the masses are willing to pay a little more for Darvish than they are Cespedes. Using ADP, the draft round data puts him on par with guys like Torii Hunter and Matt Joyce while the auction data puts him in a group with Michael Cuddyer and Josh Willingham. As I said yesterday, I tend to play it conservatively with international guys coming over to MLB, but I’d be even more cautious with Cespedes. He hasn’t faced live pitching in quite a while, hasn’t faced anything like MLB caliber pitching pretty much ever, and will be playing in an unfavorable park with little help from his teammates. I could see him popping 20+ homers next year, but he might not contribute at all in other categories. The crowdsourcing results reflect that.