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Daily Fantasy Strategy – 7/7 – For Draftstreet

Hello Daily Fantasy friends. Not much of a pre-amble for today as I’m writing this late on Saturday night. Sorry about that, but take the recs below and I’ll try to provide some match-up notes beyond the five daily five.

*San Diego at Washington has a high temperature and a major wind blowing out.

*Ditto for Atlanta at Philly and it goes double for any lefties, as the wind is strong out to right.

*Righties in the Pittsburgh at Chicago match-up have a favourable wind out to left.

*110 degrees in Arizona? Even with a wind blowing in, that kind of temperature will play up at Chase Field.

*Monster winds blowing to left for Baltimore at New York with 90-degree temperature to boot.

*Even more monster-ish (is that a word? Probably not) in Kansas City, with a 95-degree temperature and an 18 MPH (!) wind to left.

*Somehow, with heat all over the map, Los Angeles at San Francisco finds itself as a 65-degree game, playing down offenses.

The Daily Five
Bronson Arroyo – $10,656
It’s hard to go cheap on a day like today, but Arroyo is playable at $10k. The Mariners aren’t terrible against righties but due strike out a fair amount, hopefully increasing Arroyo’s generally low-K upside. The ratios should be solid, too, as Arroyo’s really only had one blow up and then three other “bad” outings.

Seth Smith -$6,009
Smith only benefits from the temperature, not the wind to left unless he plans to go to the opposite field, but he’s heavily underpriced given his proclivity for hitting righties.

Yoenis Cespedes – $7,451
No offense to Luis Mendoza by doubling down on this match-up, but the A’s seem awfully underpriced as a group considering they’re facing a mid-level pitcher in a crazy hitting environment. He hasn’t been as good against righties for his career but he’s still well above average, and his price is pushed down by a recent cold stretch.

Jason Kubel – $5,031
Do you trust my D-Back knowledge after Ross’ five-hit game yesterday? Kubel is the flip side of Ross, a lefty who has been hitting righties well but with a depressed line overall. Roy Oswalt has been getting strikeouts and not walking anyone so far but anything in play has done major damage, which tells me he might be a little rusty with finding his spots. Kubel’s power didn’t just disappear, and the sweltering heat might help awaken it.

Justin Morneau – $9,900
Todd Redmond is starting for the Jays tomorrow. Todd Redmond. Have your pick of lefties (or righties), but I’m not confident in Joe Mauer starting without the benefit of a morning line-up check, so go for Morneau. It would fit well with the Jays’ season if the Canadian trolled them with a two-dinger game.

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