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Daily Fantasy Strategy – 8/17 – For Draftstreet

I don’t have much in the way of a pre-amble today as it’s quite a busy day/week/month right now. Apologies for a non-research blurb here, then, but trust I put in the requisite time on The Daily Five.

I came fifth the other day in a DraftStreet daily pool. I’m still yet to take first in one but I’ve had so many near-misses now that I think I’m done with the “double-up” format. At first, those were my preference because the bar to returns was so low (roughly 40 points), but with so many spots paying out in “winner take all” formats, it’s hard to justify one fifth place finish versus five top-half finishes paying out the same (give or take). I can always just demand Eno pay me more if I run out of DraftStreet cash (note: this will lead to my termination).

You gotta risk it to get the biscuit.

The Daily Five
Andrew Albers – $10,
Look in the “RP” filter for Albers, who is solid but probably not THIS good. Today though, he’s got the White Sox with a major wind blowing in at Target Field. The White Sox have almost no regulars who hit lefties well and they may even help Albers tick up his embarrassing strikeout rate. It’s not a major upside play but it should be a safe one given the set up.

Trevor Cahill – $8,888
Despite being a very good team, the Pirates aren’t too threatening an offense and they strike out a lot. Cahill’s price is depressed a bit as he returns from injury, but before he went down he was providing decent numbers across the board (a 4.35 FIP and 3.96 xFIP underneath his 4.66 ERA). The wind is also blowing in at PNC Park, helping his low-fly ball profile even more.

Matt Wieters – $6,880
Chad Bettis has looked decent in two starts since struggling in his major league debut, and I do like the potential, but he’s not a guy you’re avoiding by any means. Wieters comes in at a fine price for a catcher and is almost certainly going to play, having started just one in the past three days. He’s not as great a play against righties as lefties, but it’s always worth keeping in mind that pitchers don’t throw a full nine and he could very well face a lefty later, too.

Jay Bruce – $7,882
Bruce faces Yovani Gallardo today in his first start back from the disabled list. Gallardo may not help with Bruce’s lowered fly ball rate, but Gallardo also just hasn’t been good this year, surrendering a .342 wOBA to lefties.

Sean Rodriguez – $4,428
I want to root for J.A. Happ but he just hasn’t had it in his first couple of starts back, albeit under trying circumstances. Rodriguez has always hit lefties well and the feeling is that he’s always been a “Jays killer,” although those kind of reputations mean basically nothing in statistical terms. Still, Rodriguez is dirt cheap.

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