Daily Fantasy Strategy — May 30 — For Draftstreet

We’ve reached the points of the season where we have a pretty good idea of where our teams stand. Things can still change, but for the most part you should have a pretty good idea of how good your current roster is.

With that in mind, join me in the comments below and let’s talk about our favorite players to own so far. Try to stay away from the usual suspects: Miguel Cabrera, Mike Trout, Andrew McCutchen, etc. I’ll kick this thing off.

I’m doing my first Ottoneu league this year – currently sitting in third place. Without a doubt my best value has been Brandon Moss. During our draft we took a fifteen minute break. When we returned it was my turn to nominate a player for bidding. I nominated Moss hoping to catch some people sleeping and because most of us had blown through a ton of our money. I’m guessing the entire league was still zoned out, because no one bid. Perhaps everyone was waiting on someone else to bid, or taking roster construction into play. Nonetheless, I ended up with a $1 Brandon Moss. Dividends.

In my other auction draft – 12 teams; 5×5 with OBP, QS, and S+HLD in replace of AVG, W, and SV – I have a $2 Christian Yelich. He was only that cheap because he was the 234th player nominated. So by that point, many of the owners had their lineups set or were running low on funds. Yelich has cooled off a little of late, but he’s already earned his keep. Oh, and it’s a keeper league. So if I decide to keep him he’ll only cost $6 next season; not bad what looks to be a player with a shot at a 20/20 season perhaps as early as this year.

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Weather shouldn’t be a huge concern today. A few games have rain in the forecast, but it doesn’t appear as if either game runs the risk of being postponed. That can change on the drop of a hat, though. Usually if a game is forecasted for light rain/possible delay I’ll stay away from the pitchers involved, but I won’t completely avoid offensive players if they’re a good value.

John Danks is on the mound tonight. Normally, I’m all for stacking against him, but the Padres’ lineup is pretty bad. I like the thought of a Twins stack against Vidal Nuno, but I’d like it even more if Oswaldo Arcia was right handed. The Nationals’ offense has been stop-and-go this year, but they intrigue me versus Colby Lewis. Finally, we come to Jason Vargas – whom I enjoy watching a great deal. Watching him tonight, if you’re rooting for him, however could be a different story. The Blue Jays’ lineup is absolutely terrifying, especially at home.

The Daily Five

Brian Dozier – $7,831
Josh Willingham – $5,632
Joe Mauer – $6,413

Going to roll with the boys from Minnesota today. I love the Blue Jays’ match-up, but their price is prohibitive – as it should be. The Twins might be a little more cost effective if things break right.

Jayson Werth – $5,185

Werth has only homered once since April, but he’s still been getting on base at a good clip (.362). He doesn’t have the platoon advantage today, but I like him a lot for roughly five grand.

Mike Leake – $15,401

Leake’s start will take place in Arizona, which can be a little scary. I’m confident in Leake though, because of his ability to keep the ball on the ground. His 56.5% groundball rate is sixth among qualified starters. He’ll need to continue that trend tonight.

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Landon is a senior writer at The Fantasy Fix. You can follow and interact with him on Twitter (@joneslandon).

26 Responses to “Daily Fantasy Strategy — May 30 — For Draftstreet”

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  1. El Brontolone says:

    Leake…………….good luck!

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  2. Roby says:

    Is Carlos Gomez a usual suspect? Anyways George Springer has been keeping my team very competative this year. He has been a B-12 shot for me with Arenado and Belt down till July for me.

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    • Landon Jones says:

      I’ll allow it [laywer voice]. Gomez will definitely be in that tier next year. Some people still questioned him coming into ’14.

      Springer has been awesome in May. Enjoy your spoils on that front. He reminds me a little of Justin Upton – high k’s, etc. He’ll have some stretches where he’s awful, but when he’s on he’s really going to carry teams.

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  3. Will says:

    I don’t think TOR is price prohibitive, just have to plan around it. The key is finding a good fourth who is cheap but has good lineup position and relative power potential.

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    • Landon Jones says:

      Yeah, it kind of just depends on how guys like to build their squads. For the most part, I usually try to give you guys cheaper options that I like just because you’re smart enough to know the larger names. It’s part of the reason I try to recommend a lower tier starting pitcher, because you don’t need me to tell you Adam Wainwright is probably going to be good.

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  4. David says:

    Melky Cabrera. Bought for super cheap and he’s just been awesome this year

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  5. Beau says:

    Nelson Cruz. He was an afterthought in a trade at the beginning of the year. Traded Segura and Jim Johnson received Hanley and Cruz. Needless to say, it’s worked out well even with Hanley struggling/hurt.

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    • SeattleSlew says:

      What kind of dummy would trade Hanley and Cruz for Jim Johnson and Segura??? Hanley was one of the top SS in the beginning of the year and many people were expecting Cruz to have success hitting at Candem Yards. I wish there were these kind of people in my league.

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    • weselm says:

      Agree on Cruz. Didn’t target him in my (12-team, mixed) draft, but wound up taking him in round 13.

      Got Scott Kazmir in the 21st round of that same draft, and even though I’m shopping him now, that’s good value. Took him in the 17th round of a 15-team league as well.

      Mike Morse is my other pick. Got him as a reserve OF in that 15-team draft and picked him up off waivers in another 12-team league.

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  6. IUPAC says:

    Brantley as a FA in a 16 teamer

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  7. Max Beef says:

    Brian Dozier has been really solid. Low BA but not bad everywhere else.

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    • Landon Jones says:

      Yep. He’s a good one. Eno did a good job being one of the first people on him and Keuchel. All but one of my leagues are OBP, so he’s been an even better option in my leagues.

      Vote -1 Vote +1

  8. ldavidjm says:

    $10 for Jose Abreu, and 11th round in my other league. I love Jose Abreu. I just sold (high?) on Springer, traded Tulo, Springer, and Papelbon for Trout, Kipnis and Price

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  9. I read this post daily, religiously; but you are missing on stuff almost every night.

    May 27 – “Stack Angels, they’re due” – they were worth like .25 points
    May 28 – “Stack Dodgers against Homer Bailey, he can’t possibly find it tonight” – total miss.
    May 29 – “Manny Machado is a good choice because he has to start getting RBI soon. Try his friend JJ Hardy because he’s due too” – miss again, badly.

    I really like this column but I think we’re getting into a habit of ‘player X has to do something soon so he’s a good choice’.

    Vote -1 Vote +1

    • Landon Jones says:


      I didn’t write yesterday’s post. Yeah, I missed on the Angels stack. And I’ll miss a good bit; making these picks are tough, but saying I missed on the 28th is laughable.

      I recommended the Dodger’s stack IF the Yankees didn’t play. The Yankees stack I recommended (McCann replacing Teix in the comment section once Teix was benched) went: 5-10 with three runs, four RBI, one walk, and two steals. Khris Davis also hit a homer that night. And Bartolo Colon had his best start of 2014.

      And I in no way said: “Homer Bailey definitely can’t find it today.” I said he keeps leaving balls over the middle. Sure, the stack missed. He still gave up a bomb, to Puig, who I recommended. I also didn’t say the Angels are “due.” As I explained to you in the comments, I picked them because they maul lefties. Roenis Elias is a lefty with command issues. Not hard.

      I think the Reds’ jersey in your pic has you feeling a little salty.

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      • ldavidjm says:

        Daily fantasy is high variance, Landon and the other writers do a great job of giving good places to look each night for value. But its baseball. If anyone can predict each nights box score they’d be a billionaire.

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    • Max Beef says:

      I’ve seen you on the draftstreet chat complaining too….Are you paying for this advice? Last I checked it was free so either continue to follow or go find someone else. It’s baseball and it comes with a lot of variance, get used to it.

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  10. Landon Jones says:

    Thanks, sir! The picks don’t always work out, but I’ll stand behind my reasoning for each one I make.

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  11. Max Beef says:

    Another guy drafted in the last couple rounds was Angel Pagan. Banged up a bit lately but has been very good for avg/run/steals

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