David Ross, Jason Pridie, Greg Dobbs: Deep League Waiver Wire

In today’s edition of the Deep League Waiver Wire, we look at three options that may not be great, but who are worth your time in the short-term.

David Ross | 1% Owned (Y!) | 0% Owned (ESPN)
Ross may be a backup, but he could still be worth owning in some leagues. Regular ole backups are usually not worth having around, but Ross is a catcher, and backup catchers see time at least once a week. You may remember that Ross hit 20-plus homers in 2006 as a member of the Reds, and he still has that kind of power. Ross’ problem has always been strikeouts — his career rate is about 30% — and the strikeouts have forced his career batting average down to a poor .235. Ross does take walks, however, so think of him as a three-true-outcomes kind of a guy. If you need some added ABs from your catchers, give Ross a shot when he sees time in the starting lineup.

Jason Pridie | 1% | 0%
With Angel Pagan on the DL, the Mets have turned to Pridie as their centerfielder, at least against right-handed pitching. Pridie has popped through a few minor league systems, spending the last four seasons with three different Triple-A affiliates. There’s a pretty good reason he’s never seen much time in the bigs, as nothing he has ever done could be considered exceptional, and we don’t have any reason to think that has changed. However, Pridie could still hit for an adequate batting average, at least for a fill-in in deeper leagues. Don’t add him if you’re looking for a long-term option, but if you need a fill-in, he could do the trick.

Greg Dobbs | 2% | 1%
After serving as a backup in Philadelphia for the past four years, Dobbs now has a chance to start and play most days as a member of the Florida Marlins. Dobbs has a little pop in his bat, but he won’t hit for a high average or walk all the time. Dobbs will only be starting until the Marlins deem Matt Dominguez ready for the big leagues, but as far as deep league pickups go, you won’t find many better options at third base.

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3 Responses to “David Ross, Jason Pridie, Greg Dobbs: Deep League Waiver Wire”

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  1. sean says:

    need a homer bailey update

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  2. Chad says:

    The problem with using a roster spot on a guy like Ross is that you are using a roster spot for someone that you will seldom use. Sure they get one day in per week but it only does you any good if it happens to be on a day when your starting catcher isn’t playing. It may have some marginal value in a 2-catcher league if your second catcher isn’t getting full-time at bats but even then it seems like a waste of a roster spot.

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  3. jpg says:

    David Ross? Seriously? Unless you are in an absurdly deep league (10+ team NL only, 20+ team mixed, 2 catcher 12+ team mixed) why would anyone even look at Ross? V-Mart, McCann, Posey, Buck, Santana, Arencibia, Martin, Posada, Suzuki, Weiters, Ianetta, Napoli, Soto, Montero, Olivo, Pierzyski…..A few of the guys on this list are off to slow starts but which guy are you dropping in favor of Ross. I highly doubt Ross is going to outproduce any of the 16 guys I just mentioned. That’s 16 guys without mentioning Hernandez, the guy he backs up or Mauer who’s hurt.

    Simply put: The catcher position is no longer the fantasy wasteland it was in years past.

    Years past as in a time when a guy like Ross occupied a spot on your roster.

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