Disabled List: Cody Ross, Jair Jurrjens, Chris Snyder

Cody Ross (calf) – 4.1% owned (ESPN) – Currently, it looks like Ross is not going to be back in the lineup for 2 more weeks. He seems to be recovering fine, but the real story here is who will be the odd man out once he returns to the Giants. Right now Torres (currently with a Achilles’ tendon issue that looks to have him out a week), Huff and Burrell are manning the outfield positions in San Francisco with Belt at first base. One of these 4 players or Ross will have to sit on the bench once he returns.

Currently it is not known which player will be on the bench. I would not be surprised if it was the player struggling the most. I am looking at you Huff and Belt and your sub 0.600 OPS. I could see Belt return to the minors for “seasoning” and Huff move back to 1B once Ross is back, but who really knows. If you own one of the players and one of the other 5 players is available on the waiver wire, you may want to pick the available player up for insurance.

Jair Jurrjens (oblique) – 51.7% owned – Jair looks to be on track to return after his 15 days on the DL. Today, he actually plans on making a AAA rehab start. With such a quick turn around, it is quite surprising to see his ownership rate drop 16.7%. This injury is a perfect opportunity for an owner to pick him up from from the waiver wire after another owner that lost faith in him quickly. Mike Minor looks like the most likely candidate to be sent back to the minors since he was called up to take Jurrjens place.

Chris Snyder (back) – 0.1% owned – Chris looks to be back within the week, but he is not by a long ways an automatic pick up for a team needing a catcher. Chris struggles to hit over .250 and has never stolen a base while in the majors. He does bring some decent pop from the catcher position after hitting 15 home runs last year and the 4 projections systems here at Fangraphs has him between 12 and 15 home runs for this season. Also, if you are in a league that uses OBP instead of AVG, his OBP is usually near the 0.330 level. It is not great, but not nearly as bad as his AVG. If your team has a nice lead in AVG and could use some more home runs, especially from the catcher position, Chris may be a player you could consider picking up when he returns.

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  1. Blue says:

    Minor is already in the minors.

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