Dropping Rasmus, McAllister, and Quintana

This time of the year, the season long production of a player means a lot less than how they have played over the past few weeks. Colby Rasmus, Zach McAllister, and Jose Quintana have all had solid years, but it’s time to cut bait and pick up more useful players for the stretch run of the season.

For much of the year, Quintana had an ERA under 3.00. That has risen pretty astronomically over the past few weeks, now up to 3.68 after yesterday’s miserable 1.1 inning seven run outing against the Twins. For many teams, Quintana was a savior to their rotation, but focusing on how he helped you earlier will fog up the fact that he is hurting you now. Overall his numbers still look pretty solid, yet unspectacular. He has a 3.68 ERA and a 4.17 FIP while pitching in a pitcher’s ballpark, but three straight bad outings from a player that was not expected to produce much coming into the year are all I need to see before I risk falling down the ERA pecking order during the season’s last month. If Quintana had high strikeout numbers, maybe I would be willing to hold onto him for a few more starts but he strikes out just over five batters per nine.

McAllister is a player I was particularly high on, and that I still have faith in to finish the season relatively strong, but again the risk to reward of McAllister pitching as a solid middle-of-the-rotation arm or getting completely shellacked as he has since the start of August (6.08 ERA and nine home runs allowed) does not equal out. When McAllister is on, he’s a solid fantasy arm. He can get a decent amount of strikeouts, pitches in a solid park, and has avoided getting hurt by the walk. When he is off, it’s ugly.

The most difficult one to part ways with may be Colby Rasmus, who many who have owned him have been pleasantly rewarded with a solid power season. It is difficult to let any player with 20 home runs go, especially one that plays in the AL East where nearly all of the parks are hitter friendly. Rasmus’s average has been low all season, but it has now bottomed out at .227. The lower averages were fine when he was hitting for a ton of power, but he has hit just four home runs since the All-Star break to go along with a .164/.222/.261 line. Additionally, he hasn’t stolen a base since the end of June. Rasmus is not helping in any categories, when the hope before the season was that he could be a decent steal in his first full season in Toronto. He helped many teams early in the season with his 16 pre-All Star break home runs and high RBI total, but his performance over the past two months has made him a must drop for any contending team down the stretch run.

Parting with these guys is not easy, because in all likelihood they could have been moved or at least packaged to net a decent return at the trade deadline. At this point in the season, the waiver wire does not offer a ton of tremendous options, but it must be understood that these three are no longer the solid options they were early in the season as well. Drop these guys and let a competitor pick up their season long numbers while they receive their more recent poor performances instead.

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  1. NatsFan73 says:

    Yup, it’s that time of the year. Unless a guy is a keeper, his matchups over the next few weeks are probably more important than his season numbers. I just dumped Fowler (backing up Bourn) for Pedro Alvarez because Colorado just doesn’t have any juicy home games until veeeeery late in the fantasy playoffs and I need a backup 3B for when Fraizer starts losing time

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  2. JimLahey says:

    Any recommendations with who to replace McAllister in the 15% owned and under pool? Have a deep league (20 team) without many options – best appear to be Jeremy Guthrie, Eric Stults, Miguel Gonzalez, and Mark Rogers (hes probably owned in someones minors)

    Now i’ve got to look into Rogers… but would you rather any of those guys than McAllister down the stretch? Or even next year? He might make one of my lower tier keepers.

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  3. Cliff says:

    Rogers was shutdown for the ROS. Wily Peralta/Tyler Thornburg have replaced him. Innings limit. I would def eliminate Guthrie. Hes so prone to the 1.2 IP, 9 H, 8 ER, 4 BB, 2 K line. that can kill you in a h2h matchup.

    i would check matchups, but my instinct is telling me stults as well. hes likely to have the better matchups, and has shown that he can pitch outsie of PETCO. the majority of games being played down the stretch are divisional games, meaning Gonzalez could potentially face the Yanks, Sox, Blue Jays, and Rays…all of which have struggled offensively as of late, but all of which are very potent in their ability to put up 8 ER in any given inning. i would just stream. look for good matchups. mcallister faces the twins this weekend which isnt all bad IMO. yes, the twins are a better offense than people realize, especially at home, but i still think hes a decent play. i would look at ESPN start/sit piece that comes out every Friday. its really useful for streaming guys.

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  4. Peter says:

    Is Drew Stubbs still worth rostering in a deep H2H mixed league?

    He has been awful since July. His strikeouts are obviously a huge problem and he’s killing my rate stats, but there’s always that hidden power/speed appeal, like he could go off on a tear at any moment and be one of the more valuable outfielders in a given week. But now he’s about to be dropped in the order.

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  5. joe bananas says:

    i’m hanging on to mcallister since his next start is against the twins. hopefully another decent option will pop up on my league’s terribly thin waiver wire.

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  6. Ashman says:

    AJ Griffin @ Seattle Saturday, looks money on paper

    Got a question – sit Gallardo tomorrow @ STL? They have absolutely owned him his last couple years… As of now I’m sitting him, but I’m in a heated rotisserie-format stretch run race and might harm myself or others if he pitches a gem.

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  7. Axis of Honor 25 says:

    Solid article. I agree on Quintana and being a White Sox fan it kills me to know this because of the playoff run. But the Cell is a homer friendly place.

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