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  1. Drew says:

    From April 5 Chat. Call me when you want RotoGraphs Chat with Drew.

    April 5 … 12:34
    Comment From Oskar
    Do you think Perez will hold on to the closing job? And if not when will Pestano be called upon?

    Eno Sarris:
    No, and soon!

    Comment From Drew
    You’ll end up 100% wrong on C.Perez. His velocity yesterday was better than it was at any point last year (which he pitched hurt). Indians are nowhere near considering a move. Pestano is fool’s gold.

    Eno Sarris:
    Perez’ velocity was not down yesterday, we have an article about that on RG. I just don’t think he’s any good. Among the top 30 in saves last year, he had a walk rate, strikeout rate, and ground-ball rate ranked between 25th-30th. He’s one of the worst closers in the league.

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    • Eno Sarris says:

      2:25Comment From Drew
      As I predicted on April 5, you were 100% wrong on Chris Perez. Just sayin.

      Eno Sarris:
      He’s finally got his peripherals up to average!

      [And if you got em all right, you’d be the first person ever, so that would be a pretty awesome thing.]

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  2. TheGrandslamwich says:

    A note bout swinging a bat by the knob: There was a big deal about this made when Griffey fractured his Hamate bone. From what I’ve read there is a correlation between that injury and how a player holds the bat. Stupid worthless hamate bone…

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  3. Stevemc says:

    Got an OF spot that I need to open up for Mike Trout. Looking to move Matt Joyce for an SP. Standard 5 x 5. What tier of pitcher would that net me? Josh Johnson, Wainwright? Is it worth the deal?

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  4. Worm Turner says:

    Crap, Superntural is down for next week and I don’t have a backup catcher, Jennings is eating up the lone DL spot. H2H points weekly pitching is valued higher a bit.
    WHO to drop?
    Pitching: Peavy/Cain/Lester/Stras/Garza/Sale/Shark/Norris/Bauer
    Bats: Cuddyer/Willingham/Jennings/Moustakas/Mike Aviles
    Leaning towards Norris or Sale atm, picked up Bauer late in the draft and would hate to drop em’. Would love some feedback.

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    • Eno Sarris says:

      Gotta be Bauer. If you like him, try to pair Sale and Peavy for someone like Waino. then pick him back up. You’re right to be nervous about Sale in H2H, but don’t drop him. Why don’t you leave Santana in there for a week if you love Bauer. Won’t kill you.

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  5. tim says:

    10 team h2h league was offered teixiera for strasburg and dunn. Should I accept it? My other 1b are Chris Davis, Hosmer, Freeman, and Morse. My other SPs are Grienke, Lee, and Beachy. I would be grateful for any advice. Thx.

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