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Hopefully we helped you win some gummibears this year in your leagues. Since we work hard at this, we would love to hear about your successes. Not that we ran your teams, but this is a collective on some level. I know I’ve learned from you and I hope I’ve helped you along the way. So when you gloat or brag here, you gloat or brag for the RotoGraphs crew.


[Also: Bay Area people, come to the FanGraphs meetup on Friday at 21st Amendment! I’ll be there shortly after the early game starts, but we officially begin at four. See you there?]

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Kevin Wilson
Kevin Wilson

I can’t say that I specifically got a guy because of Rotographs, but it’s definitely part of my daily fantasy influence. I play in a points league and ended up winning the title last night by four points because of Chase Headley’s RBI triple late in the night. He is certainly one of the players that Rotographs helped me decide to pick up in the late spring.

Bert Simpson
Bert Simpson

Similar story here, both in terms of the role of Rotographs, and my own final result: finally pulling into first on the final day! Hard to believe now, but I drafted Headley as my *lastl* pick (round 24) back in March, and he started the year on the bench, as back-up 3B to Brett Lawrie. Thanks Rotographs, and thanks Chase Headley!