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Hopefully we helped you win some gummibears this year in your leagues. Since we work hard at this, we would love to hear about your successes. Not that we ran your teams, but this is a collective on some level. I know I’ve learned from you and I hope I’ve helped you along the way. So when you gloat or brag here, you gloat or brag for the RotoGraphs crew.


[Also: Bay Area people, come to the FanGraphs meetup on Friday at 21st Amendment! I'll be there shortly after the early game starts, but we officially begin at four. See you there?]

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  1. Kevin Wilson says:

    I can’t say that I specifically got a guy because of Rotographs, but it’s definitely part of my daily fantasy influence. I play in a points league and ended up winning the title last night by four points because of Chase Headley’s RBI triple late in the night. He is certainly one of the players that Rotographs helped me decide to pick up in the late spring.

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    • Bert Simpson says:

      Similar story here, both in terms of the role of Rotographs, and my own final result: finally pulling into first on the final day! Hard to believe now, but I drafted Headley as my *lastl* pick (round 24) back in March, and he started the year on the bench, as back-up 3B to Brett Lawrie. Thanks Rotographs, and thanks Chase Headley!

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  2. As a RotoGraphs writer, I feel it is my duty to share with the world that yes, I won my home league. Woooooooo!

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  3. Scott says:

    Won 4 of my 6 leagues this year: boo-ya! (12 team 5×5, 16 team dynasty 5×5, 20 team FG points dynasty, 20 team 9×9 dynasty)

    If you are looking to get trounced my best/most competitive league has an opening:

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  4. Bryan Grosnick says:

    Second place in my primary ottoneu league! We didn’t play for money, and it was a *tough* league, so I’m just happy to come out close to the top. Well set-up for a run next year, also!

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  5. Eminor3rd says:

    Second place in my first Ottoneu league, despite spending big money on both Tulowitzki and Bautista.

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  6. Ended up with three wins and one second place finish out of my four leagues this season. Won one league by 27 points, taking 90 out of a possible 100 points in a 10-team roto league. (I can’t imagine ever doing that again!)

    In my one second place finish I was tied for first midway through yesterday, only to get ousted in the K category (really Blake Beavan, 8 scoreless innings with *0* strikeouts?).

    Thanks RotoGraphs.

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  7. KJ says:

    RotoGraphs (well, I must take a lot of credit, personally, as well) helped me turn a miserable inherited keeper team that finished 20/20 in 2011 (I took over mid-season 2011) into a 3rd place finisher this year.

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  8. Casey says:

    Just won 140 bucks in a league of mine. Got very very luck with deals this season. Traded Peralta for Edwin like three weeks into the season, also got Zobrist for cheap (zambrano and viciedo) in a classic buy low sell high deal. A super useful deal midway through the season was when i traded Gallardo and Brian Mccann for Bj upton and Cespedes. Drafting Billy Butler, Chris Sale, Braun, McCutchen, and Heyward helped too. Still gotta figure out my ten keepers, going to be tough.

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  9. Andrew says:

    gave up on the season around week 10 tenth out of fourteen and almost 60 roto points out of first, but with help from the FG/RG team i jumped on the sal perez train, traded m montero for scherzer, used FDP to justify sticking with weaver and hellickson, and 3 months and 50 roto points limped to the finish line as supreme leader of fantasy!

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  10. Uh Oh Cordero says:

    4 leagues. 2 2nd place finishes and 2 3rd place finishes! SMFH

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  11. Cliff says:

    Mauer, Miggy, Cano, Wright, Prado(SS), Trout, JUpton, Wil Myers, Taveras, Billy Hamilton, Joey Bats, Alex Gordon, Cliff Lee, Dickey, Halladay, Cain, Bundy, Shelby Miller

    keeper league winner this year. theres 18 guys listed. can only keep 15. who do i throw back into the draft?….thinking i cant keep all 5 of myers, hamilton, taveras, bundy, and Miller…held onto myers all year, so hes def staying….hamilton has so much potential upside in the SB deptartment, but he could be the furthest away….taveras could easily spend all of 2013 in AAA with Jay, Holliday, and Co. all locked up next year…bundy could be the #2 starter right out of ST, or he could end up making only a handful of starts….Miller would have been a no-brainer until yesterday when he looked absolutely dominant. keepers have no $ value or round value attached to them and can be kept forever. any thoughts would be great. leaning towards dumping mauer actually(feel C is really deep. could draft Sal Perez and get very similar production)….and then prolly 2 of the minor leaguers, or if Prado doesnt have SS eligibility next year. thanks.

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  12. Fatbot says:

    When I drafted Chris Sale some owners did the “who?” mock response, as if they’d never consider wasting a pick among their list of established starters, but the buzz here about him was key for me in pulling the trigger, so thank you. Of course I also listened to the Duda hype..!! But having that as my only bad pick, I’ll take it, thanks for all the info!

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  13. Mike says:

    I did it – I’m the champ! I won both leagues I played in, including my competitive H2H league for the 4th time in 5 years. And that’s despite losing Jose Bautista & David Ortiz down the stretch. Shout out to Everth Cabrera for giving me key steals the last few days.

    Thanks Fan/RotoGraphs – I owe you guys a lot. You have an awesome site; I almost feel bad about not telling my rivals about it…but your content gives me the edge!


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    • Ian says:

      Wow, I lost both Bautista and Ortiz and was helped with some last minute steals by E Cabrera too.

      I did drop R.A. early in the year after his 3rd start though. Terrible decision but I picked up Medlen and was happy.

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  14. Jim says:

    I didn’t win any of my leagues, but one thing I can say happily is that I had the foresight to get Mike Trout in every single one of my five leagues. It was just my other decisions that didn’t work out so well — in two of my leagues, I had Tulowitzky and Justin Upton as my first and second round draft picks, and I relied pretty heavily on Ubaldo Jiminez and John Lester.

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  15. David says:

    Won the regular season in my league (earned back my gummie bear ante) but bowed out in the playoffs because FanGraphs didn’t tell me that my entire team was going to go into a nose dive for the last three weeks of the season. Thanks a lot, jerks!

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  16. Will says:

    Thanks to FG/RG for being my daily reads in baseball/fantasy news and analysis.

    Won my 5×5 H2H OBP/SLG home league with the tie-break. Dramatically needing Morrow’s and Hellickson’s starts in the final set of games to take ERA for the 5-5 tie.

    The year also pretty much came down to a seemingly innocuous pre-season trade with the runner-up where I received Jim Johnson for Brett Gardner.

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  17. NL ONLY says:

    I WON!!!! Big Money boys and girls. After having my keepers locked and loaded for this year heading into the final game of the season last year I had Albert Pujols and Ryan Howard. Oh No I thought!! What am I going to do now! So I ended up having to keep Matt Holiday, Strasburg, Wainwright, PabloGreinke, Hamels. During the draft I was in the Keys with my gf sipping on some coke and rum and I am like so what I’m drunk its the freakin fantasy draft and I am going to have me some fun….I drafted chapman, medlen cheap, altuve, mcccan and so on. I then made numerous trades. I traded Daniel Hudson before he got hurt for Tulowitzki that really worked out! Then I traded for Emiolio Bonafacrio that was amazing. Then I realized I needed to make a move. So i picked up AJ Elis, traded Mccann and Hamels for Laroche, Ludwick, Tim Hudson, and Heath Bell and then my team took off. I drafted Ryan Howard again and he lit up the counting stats. My league is very competitive and hands out to all my boys but with the Help of Rotoworld!!!! I was able to dominante this year even though late last year it looked hopeless.

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    • NL ONLY says:

      Haha with the help of rotoworld! I meant fangraphs

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      • Cliff says:

        this was by far and away one of the single most ridiculous comments ive ever seen posted on any website. it actually made me laugh out loud at work. wow. i dont even know what to say.

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  18. Mordecai "Three Finger" Brown says:

    Made the playoffs in 4 out of 6 leagues. Great advice throughout the season on guys like Allen Craig, Chase Headley and Carlos Santana who helped me down the stretch. No championship this year but I can’t complain about random end of year results in head to head leagues.

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  19. Miles says:

    Won my big money roto league by 0.5 pts. Led by 5-10 for the whole second half until the last week. Ended up tying thanks to a Doolittle HLD while the A’s were up 3 and winning thanks to San Diego coming back to give Thayer a hold opp. Easily the tightest final standing I’ve ever been in.

    Would have tied if any of the following: 3 fewer R; 1 fewer HLD; 2nd place gets 1 more W; 1 more HLD, or 1 more K, amongst others.

    Would have lost: any 2 of the above or 2 fewer HLD.

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  20. Todd says:

    I won last year with the best team in league history. This year, I lost the championship on a tiebreaker, basically because I had a tougher schedule than the team I was playing, so finished behind them (in terms of actual production our teams were in a dead heat).

    I blame rotographs for my unsuccessful title defense =P

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  21. PXF says:

    I’m in two leagues, one of them Ottoneu 5×5, one of them Yahoo head-to-head with our own mix of trad & sabr categories. On Yahoo, I finished second in the “regular season” and won the championship rounds. That’s five top-three finishes in six years for me, including two first-place finishes. I think I’m still most proud of my first year, when I fought my way into a sixth-place finish to make the playoffs and then made it to the championship round.

    I think I’m much better at h2h than roto, but I’m trying to learn how to win there too. I finished fifth in my ottoneu league but also had $68 of cap space: bad hitting and good pitching (tops in K’s, no. 2 in ERA and WHIP, no. 3 in Wins), so next year I know I need to spend some of that salary on sluggers. Rotographs has been really helpful, and Eno has given me the thumbs up on some of my trades. Maybe I just like Eno because he agreed with my decisions, I can’t say whether the trades all worked out. Before the season began I traded Pineda for Boesch & Dee Gordon. Midway through the season I traded $25 Hamels for $10 Dunn, I’m happy with that. This was all with a team that I took over, so I was always looking at it as a rebuild, and I’m happy with the progress.

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  22. Los says:

    12 team 5 X 5. Was in first place since April 17. Had a 16 point lead as of September 1 despite spending $47 on Tulo and $44 on Longoria (got lucky with a $20 Braun since auction was pre-reversal). Cutch and Braun were the backbone of my time. Unfortunately for me, I pulled a Texas Rangers and lost my lead on the final day of the season. I lost by half a point. The person who tied me in HRs and passed me in RBI had Cano and Grandy last night. The Red Sox pitchers cost me a 300 gummy bears.

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    • Los says:

      On the bright side, I traded Braun, Napoli, and Tim Lincecum for Votto, Harper, and Trout in a long term keeper at the beginning on the year and won that league (less gummy bears in this one).

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  23. db says:

    In my ten person league, I came from 9th place at the AS break to win the league by 6 points. The big trade, shortly after Trout came up, was Pujols, Zobrist and Cory Hart for Konerko, Kinsler and Trout.

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  24. SirTheory says:

    Won my league, hut hut!
    Partly through the advice of this place and others.
    Partly due to the unforseen collapse of the #1 team in the league over the last month.

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  25. Wilbury says:

    Finished off my second straight title in my NL-only home league. Due to contract issues, I will have to say goodbye to much of my core but it has been a great run with Posey, McCann, Castro, Kemp, & Bourn.

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  26. dljacobsen says:

    Won 7 of 8 12-team roto mixers, 3 of 4 10-team roto mixers, and my AL-only 8-team roto. FanGraphs was the #1 reason. Tried to read Roto Riteup every day. Love SwStr% – great at indicating who’s hot and who’s cold.
    Picked up D Viciedo on Tuesday night in a league where I was -6 in runs to the first place team and -2 in HR. His 4-4-3-1 with a HR plus Longoria’s 3 HRs took me to the title. Makes up for 2011 when I started Chris Parmelee over Mark Teixeira on the last day of the season.
    Thanks guys!

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  27. ror0071619 says:

    Won my league (which included CG’s) with the help of R.A. Dickey who I traded Brandon McCarthy for at the end of April.

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  28. Junker23 says:

    Screw bragging – I lost my H2H championship by Robbie Cano’s two homers last night. Lost homers by 1, lost overall 7-5. (I had the tie-breaker.)

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  29. RotoAwesomeness says:

    Thanks to Rotographs, I was so far ahead of my league on September 1, I traded Hanley and Clayton Kershaw keepers for 2 more years for Profar and Matt Moore on rookie contracts (5 more years for Moore and 6 for Profar).

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  30. juantrabaj says:

    Just won my 12 team points league (with best record, and Tulo on my DL all year long). Thanks for all the help, Eno!

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  31. juantrabaj says:

    Also helped me to claw from 11th to 5th in my Yahoo league the last 4 weeks of the year. So thanks again!

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  32. Raoul Duke says:

    This was my first year playing fantasy baseball and I won my league. I found the Roto Riteup, the Bullpen Report, and the Available Two-Start Pitchers posts to be super helpful. The chats were also entertaining and informative. Thanks a lot guys, keep up the good work!

    p.s. I forgot who wrote the post suggesting that you pick up Kris Medlen, but I owe that person a bottle of scotch.

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  33. Ryan says:

    Third place in my roto league even though I spent 23% of my budget on Bautista and A Gon! It helps, I like the closer updates beacuse it gives you an advantage. I spent 1/17 of my budget on closers, and still ended up taking second in saves because of guys like Frieri, Reed, Holland, and Cook for awhile. Well done!

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  34. lester bangs says:

    I won a few leagues because of my opponents misunderstanding of xFIP. Thanks, Fangraphs!

    Seriously, Eno does a tremendous job and I’m glad he’s such a good guy, too. Cheers to you, fine sir.

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  35. Jim Lahey says:

    I really appreciated a lot of the content – I read just about everything that you guys wrote. I stopped reading all Yahoo columns and substituted Rotographs instead. Infinitely more helpful & I didn’t have to spend my time sifting through box scores this season.

    I won 2 of my leagues outright (H2H and Roto). All of my other leagues were disappointing endings:
    -tied for 1st after being ahead of everyone all year long. Had to make a comeback to tie at 101. Had a god awful WHIP.
    -3rd in the friends league – horrible lineup management caused me to miss 25-50 quality starts over the season because the right guys weren’t in the lineup.. then missed a Dickey masterpiece and 2 other starts during the playoff round I lost..
    -3rd in random yahoo H2H – forgot to login to this team & change the pitchers also..
    -4th in 20 team keeper league – had the #2 seed, lost in semi-finals to someone who’s team wasn’t nearly as good, but also wasn’t destroyed by injuries/callups (Tulo, Coco Crisp – pink eye week, Mike Aviles, Brett Anderson, Huston Street)

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  36. Harjit says:

    I want to thank Eno and the rest of this site. The responding to my tweets abotu matchups, to the projections, I took 2nd in 2/3 leagues this year based on the help. Thanks so much for everything!

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  37. Ian Williams says:

    My team was a testament to the cliche “it ain’t over until it’s over”. Going into 10:3OPM EST last night, I needed 2Ks to win my league outright. My two closers, Chapman and Axford, were still in active/close games. In the same 10 minute stretch, St Louis broke a tie game and ML blew a 2 run lead. I was flipping back and forth in both games hoping for a late rally. Chapman never pitched. ML stayed down in the 8th. Well, that was that, I had to settle for a tie for first…

    … But…

    Roenicke brought Axford out in a non-save situation anyway. Don’t know why. Does he really “need the work” before the offseason? E Cabrera, dribbler. Ax would need to go 2 for 2 for me to win. Venable up, K. Hmmm. Headley up, takes count to 1-2, hacks at a pitch in the dirt. Holy crap, boucoup gummibears! That’s why we play the (um, fake) game!

    I look at Fangraphs almost every day and the updated tiers have been a huge influence on trade and waiver strategies all year. Thanks for the great work!

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  38. Michael says:

    Won both my leagues this year! I have to say that it’s the Eno Sarris chats that keep me going during the season. Extremely funny and still insightful…

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  39. Kyle H says:

    After the first season in ottoneu coming in 2nd, I won!!! Gonna keep the dynasty going until everyone else gives up and quits

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  40. Floppy Ears says:

    I was cocky, I admit it. I won 3 out of 4 leagues last year, 2 out of 4 the year before so I was a casual reader of the xGraphs family prior to my drafts this year. And I did horrible in the drafts–certainly not the only one who got Ellsbury way too early, but that was my smartest move in drafts with faith in Black Magic Catcher, Lincecum, and Berkman. xGraphs + some unemployment (ended now, but did help in July) helped me recover this season. Won a roto league a week ago, won a h2h with two days to spare, got second in the other thanks to Cano (bastard), and last in the close friends league that give bragging rights, so that one will burn.

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  41. Ben says:

    Thanks Eno and the Rotogrpahs writers. I cruisd to first place during the regular season in my 16 team H2H league. Then lost in the 2nd round to a tie breaker…..ah H2H reared its ugliness but all good!

    I shall patiently wait for all of 2013 super secret sneaky upside picks…… Today the 2013 draft starts…. i need more info!!!!

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  42. Congo Hammer says:

    I got the 1st place $1,200 prize in my keeper roto league! That will buy me a LOT of gummy bears :) Thanks for your always helpful Friday marathon chats!

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  43. ligand says:

    Thanks to Rotographs, I was able to make some good pickups and stream pitchers well.

    I won a H2H 7-4, after being down 0-12 up till Thursday.

    Key scrap pickups include: Josh Donaldson (C), Chris Nelson (2B), Chase Headley (3B), Norichika Aoki (OF), and Justin Smoak (UT).

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  44. thalooch says:

    Much thanks to all the Rotographs and Fangraphs writers, I won my 12 team 5×5 Roto redraft league in dramatic fashion. Down by half a point in the waning moments one of the few categories I could move up in was HR’s. Behind by 3 HR’s to start the day, Michael Morse got me one, but then most of my players either sat or were removed in the early innings, but not Evan Longoria. He blasted 3 HR’s to get me that crucial point and I ended up winning by a half a point!
    Given that Longoria (2nd round), Lincecum (3rd), McCann (4th), Morse (8th), Storen (11th), Masterson (12th), and Brian Wilson (13th) were mostly busts, it’s definitely a testament to rotographs that I was able to overcome and make the right pickups.

    Kipnis in the 19th, Trout in the 23rd, and Chris Sale in the 26th round were definitely keys to my success.

    Congrats to everyone who won their league!

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  45. Saatah says:

    I finished with the #1 RP in The Game. Yay!

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  46. Luke says:

    Finished first in one league (10-team h2h) regular season and playoffs.
    Finished 2nd in another (also 10-team h2h) and lost tiebreaker on championship round. Lost WHIP by .01 to end in 5-5 tie and list regular season matchup with guy who won. Certainly would not have done as well were it not for the advice I got here.

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  47. nitro2831 says:

    I ran train all over my 12-team NL Roto League, winning with record points and by a record margin. All of this despite dropping 76 bucks on Roy Halladay and Justin Upton. RA Dickey and Johnny Cueto for 19 total bucks, and my catching tandem of Carlos Ruiz and Buster Posey for 23 total bucks led me to victory!

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  48. McCrushin' says:

    Won my 10 team, 4 keeper, H2H regular season for the third straight year and finally broke through and won the playoffs this year. I am not the Buffalo Bills! Pretty much check this site daily. Always entertaining…often helpful.

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  49. yuz31j says:

    4 for 4 1st place finishes in RTSports $ leagues (5 for 5 overall), including a 98/100 in a 10-team roto league. Much thanks to Bud Norris, Lucas Harrell, Gavin Floyd, Barry Zito, Miguel Gonzales, Rick Porcello, and other crappy pitchers with good last-week matchups which allowed me to make some last-second climbs in wins and Ks.

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  50. Matt Hunter says:

    Oh I like this. Was in 4 leagues this year:

    14-team 5 keeper league: 3rd in regular season, 6th in the playoffs
    4 team redraft (sounds weird, but it’s fun): 2nd in regular season, 1st in the playoffs
    12-team dynasty: 2nd in regular season, 1st in the playoffs
    12-team ottoneu (linear weights): 1st overall with 17614 point, beat 2nd place by over 800. This was by far the most fun I’ve had playing fantasy baseball, and not just because I won. Ottoneu is really an amazing platform – I highly recommend it.

    Overall: Won only ottoneu outright, but ended up champion of 3 out of 4 leagues. Definitely by best year yet.

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  51. Paul says:

    This was my first time ever playing fantasy and i finished in second place. I want to thank all the rotographs writers for helping me this year.

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  52. Seanto says:

    In a 20 team H2H dynasty league with 35 roster spots and 20 prospect spots, I made an early season trade. I gave Matt Joyce and Brandon Beachy for Josh Hamilton and Glen Perkins. Hamilton carried me to the semi-finals, where I promptly lost because he can’t put down the energy drinks (sigh).

    However, the trade leaves me with a 5 man outfield consisting of Hamilton, Andrew McCutchen, Giancarlo Stanton, Jayson Werth, and the remnant of Carl Crawford. This is a better collection of five offensive players then any other team in the league.

    Leveraging the talent of Beachy and Joyce netted me the production of one of the ten best hitters in baseball and an incredibly solid reliever for years to come. #advantageme

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  53. cs3 says:

    League 1, H2H, 4 player keeper:

    Was still in 5th place overall in late July, but ~25 games behind the top 3 teams, so I felt I had no real shot of winning it all.
    Decided to trade away my established stars (Granderson, Kinsler, Elssbury, Greinke, E5 Darvish) for 2013 draft picks and hopefully better keepers, and just plan for next year.
    Well amazingly my team took off immediately after the trades, and on the last day of the final regular season matchup, I took the overall #1 seed by 1/2 game.

    Lost in the semis to the guy I traded Granderson/Darvish/E5 to, then won my 3rd place match.
    WIth Harper, Lawrie, JUpton, Cargo as keepers and 7 picks in the first 3 rounds I should have a strong team next year. Or so i thought…

    the commish of 7 yrs (who had led the league the entire season, and traded away all of his round 1-5 2013 to fortify his championship run, only to lose in the semis then lose to me in the 3rd place game) ) posts that he will no longer be participating in the league… WHAT THE F???

    Main League, H2H, 8 keepers:

    #1 overall seed from week 4 on, wrapped up back-to-back championships in this league last night with Granderson’s 2 HRs.
    Surprising this team was so dominant again after losing Bautista, Ellsbury, Beachy, Morrow, Madsen, and Santos

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  54. Cory says:

    Killed it in the championship v. the LM, who cheated. He changed the point system after the draft.

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  55. Mark says:

    Won my league second time in a row thanks to your guys’ help! This site is definitely part of my daily fantasy baseball diet. Thanks again!

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  56. LondonStatto says:

    Won a 12 team HTH league (second seed 1.5 GB, mostly because I struggled to find the time to manage my team the last three weeks of the regular season due to wedding plus honeymoon…!)

    Won a 12-team standard Yahoo roto league with 105 points. I was 6th in WHIP as late as August 1 and took the lead for good September 22. Meanwhile, I was 9th in ERA as late as June 23, 8th as late as August 7, 7th as late as August 16 and took the lead for good on, erm, October 2! And the moral of the story is: it’s never too late to give up on your ratios.

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    • LondonStatto says:

      Oh yeah. Forgot to say that the roto league I had the first overall pick and the HTH league I had the 4th pick in round 1. Took Miguel Cabrera with both! (top 3 picks in HTH league were Votto, Pujols and Kemp – I was stunned that Miggy fell to #4.)

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  57. Jeff says:

    Won my Yahoo! public 5 X 5 12-team league with a HUGE last day. About half the owners stopped paying attention halfway through, two a bit later, but I still feel good about the comeback.
    I wound up cutting 2/3 of my draft, none of which were big losses except Yadier Molina (WAY too much faith in Mike Napoli: this was my big seasonal regret). I checked Fangraphs projections for every pickup, and I went in for speed and saves guys following the recommendations. Wound up winning saves (Valverde & Street the only ones I drafted–I got Aceves, Balfour, Jansen, Perkins, and Addison Reed) and placed well in steals.
    But I have to say this–on the last day, I went 19 for 33, 8 HR, 18 RBI, 13 runs and two steals. Records in 3 categories. I’d been in second since mid-July. WOO HOO!
    And you all underrated Austin Jackson. Let the debates about Adrian Gonzalez begin….

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  58. James says:

    Won the regular season and the playoffs and went with a bold strategy that I hadn’t seen in any of the articles I read; spend everything on pitching. I had Halladay (who blew it), lee, Kershaw, Felix (who I traded for Hamels right before Felix got hot) and Weaver. I picked up Dempster after he landed on the DL and also drafted Fister, Kimbrel, Motte, B. Wilson and Bailey. I had to stream a bit to keep saves and Satiago Casilla was a big help while he was closing. Bailey pitched in a few towards the end as well.
    My strategy was to dominate pitching and in my worst category (WHIP) I was still 6 games over .500. The real genius lay in my offense. Speed is cheap and plentiful. I drafted Gardner, Crisp, Pagan, A. Escobar, picked up R. Davis and Campana while he was a viable option. My team went 20-3-1 in the steals category. I either drafted or picked up deep sleepers that paid dividends and allowed me to steal homers or rbi a few times; Chase Headley, Ike Davis, Austin Jackson, Miguel Montero and Buster (went for 14 bucks late). I’ve never won a major fantasy league in 7 seasons. I couldn’t be more satisfied with this squad. I’ll be looking to the talented folks at roto extensively over the offseason for viable sleepers next year.

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  59. Drew says:

    Lost ERA by 0.012 and it was all because I picked up Erasmo Ramirez.

    Thanks, fangraphs.

    Vote -1 Vote +1

  60. Ragoczy says:

    5th title in 15 years in a competitive NL only roty league. $2k coming my way. Cha-ching!

    Vote -1 Vote +1

  61. Brandon B says:

    Won the championship with a 10 point lead in a 10 team (15×15) 5 keeper roto league. Finished last year in 2nd only behind 0.5, so this victory is twice as sweet. Would like to thanks roto graphs and fan graphs for all the analysis that I read this season, especially the keen prognostication of Chris Sale which was probably my key sleeper pick. I had a solid pitching and hitting foundation this season, with Weaver, Lee, Price, and Sale and for hitters Beltre, Trout, Stanton, Bourn, and my favorite utility man Zobrist. You can also win a league by punting saves and having a weak SS, finished with 2 points in Saves and had Aviles at SS for the whole season. Now I’m enjoying a nice cold victory beer as I’m writing this, already looking forward to next season. Thanks, and keep up the great work guys.

    Vote -1 Vote +1

  62. Sam says:

    Through shrewd drafting and trading I assembled this championship pitching staff: Strasburg, Kershaw, Lee, Dickey, Greinke, Gallardo, Morrow, Hudson. Add that to a Braun-Trout offensive core and four sub-3 ERA, 9+ k/9 closers and you have a fantasy baseball team. And oh, I won $700. Fangraphs for life.

    Vote -1 Vote +1

  63. CatWolf says:

    Runner up in the finals; God, I hate H2H. Good for $600, though. Thanks to everyone!

    Vote -1 Vote +1

  64. Flying Frenchman says:

    You guys really helped me this year. I ended up winning a 12 team league by 3 points. I was in first place for 5 days on the year, but in it on the most important day. I made 89 transactions and only 4 players I drafted were on my final roster. Thus, many of the moves I made were a result of reading through your chats and improving my bad draft.

    In early July during a chat, someone asked Mr. Sarris if he should trade JJ Hardy/Madison Bumgarner for Hanley. Eno said yes. I had JJ/Madison in my league and offered it up to the guy with Hanley while trusting while Eno. With the open spot I was able to pick up Medlen. The rest is history. Thanks guys! You have incredible knowledge and make baseball fun.

    Also, NotGraphs and the posted GIFs are a gem.

    Vote -1 Vote +1

  65. Zach says:

    Bullpen Report was super useful.

    Vote -1 Vote +1

  66. atigersgrin says:

    I have played in Yahoo! public leagues for years and had mild success. The lowest I’ve ever finished is 5th and had a number of trophies and championships. I heard about Fangraphs at the start of last year and have used it as my primary source for stats, knowledge, and advice. I won both leagues I entered last year and this year I won all four. Thank you Fangraphs.

    Vote -1 Vote +1

  67. Barry says:

    I have developed a strategy over the last three years where I don’t even draft closers. Instead, I focus on having depth of good starting pitchers. I also always pick Zobrist because of the BB/K rates and because his versatility gives me so much flexibility to pick up players when I have injuries.
    There is a certain type of player I look for. It is usually based on BB/K rates for both offense and pitching. When I see Fangraphs write about someone who I am considering, it either gives me enough confidence to grab him or enough discipline to avoid the temptation.
    While I love my strategy, I needed some luck too. I was lucky to draft Edwin Encarnacion in the 14th round (163rd overall). I was lucky that while my aces struggled, Miguel Gonzalez and Gavin Floyd went a combined 6-0 for me in the playoffs leading me to the title.

    Vote -1 Vote +1

  68. Clem says:

    I am in a 12 team, 4 player keeper league. I came in with Prince, Kinsler, Granderson, and Reyes as my keepers. I took A-Rod and C. Santana with my first 2 picks to round out a solid infield and figured I could find pitching and OF help along the way.

    My first 4 SP picks were CJ Wilson, Matt Moore, Ubaldo, and Liriano. You can imagine how much those last 2 hurt my stats. But I took fliers on Dickey, McDonald, Samardzjia and Lynn after looking at some of your advanced stats and had a patch work bullpen, scooping up Clippard and Wilhelmsen to add to Chapman and Nathan. I was in a rut at OF with Stubbs and Boesch on my team, but was able to flip Stubbs/Wilson for Cliff Lee and lucked out snagging Trout and Harper both on the glorious day they were called up.

    I finished tied for first and ran through the playoffs for the championship. I am now looking at Prince, Kinsler, Trout, and Harper as my keepers, with the last 2 hopefully being on my team the next 10 seasons. This was probably my favorite team to own with some good young players coming through big for me. Thanks for the help everyone, keep up the good work, and best of luck next season!

    Vote -1 Vote +1

  69. Chas says:

    won 4 of my leagues; proudest of 12-team roto league win where Tulo was my # 1 pick .. had to scramble in that one. Biggest heartbreaker was either losing a league I dominated all season because King Felix had worst start of his career, or losing a 9-3 lead last day when my so-called batters went 3-28

    Vote -1 Vote +1

  70. Rob says:

    After 2 1/2 months in my 19 team keeper roto league I was 15th-I made up 11 spots to finish 4th. Has to be the largest movement ever in our league.

    Vote -1 Vote +1

  71. Zigs says:

    Rotographs helped me go from last to third. If it was not for trashy rules in my head to head league, I would have won it. I rarely lost a pitching stat thanks to rotograhs.

    Vote -1 Vote +1

  72. J-Rod says:

    I won two leagues and finished third in the other… Probably would have won that league too if I hadn’t committed the ultimate roto sin back in early June: I traded Mike Trout. In a keeper league. (Yes my trade partner finished in first.) But not all is lost because I got Strasburg in that trade, who will lead the Gnarly Gnarlingtons pitching staff for the next decade. Thanks for all the insight and articles that made this another fun and successful season!

    Vote -1 Vote +1

  73. Matt says:

    I am curious how much some people win in their leagues . . . saw above that one guy will get $2K, andother $1,200. I’m in 3 leagues and won 1 of them (payout is $1250 minus costs, so a profit of about $1,000 there).

    So: how many gummi bears did everyone win?

    Vote -1 Vote +1

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