Hafner, Lee, Webb and McCarthy: DL Options

Here is a look at a few player owned in under 50% of all leagues in ESPN on the DL soon and could make an impact, good and bad, on your fantasy team.

Brandon Webb (Shoulder) 4.3% owned – Today, Brandon is making a rehab in AA. I usually advise picking up a player if you happen to have an open slot DL. In Brandon’s case, don’t waste one. There are better players available on the DL right now that should be picked up. The big concern with Brandon is his fastball, more specifically, a lack of one. He previously threw a fastball around 88 MPH. Current reports put Brandon’s fastball at 4 MPH slower or about 84 MPH. Even if he gets his curve ball back to where it was previously, a 84 MPH fast ball will probably not cut it in the majors.

Brandon McCarthy (Shoulder) 2.7% owned – Brandon has had shoulder problems in the past. He said he used to pitch through the discomfort he felt in his shoulder. He decided not to pitch through the pain this time and hopes to return sooner from the DL. His time table for returning has not been set yet, but before going on the DL, he was putting up some decent numbers. He had a K/BB of 3.7 and an ERA 3.57. His ERA could have actually been a little inflated since he had a FIP of 2.42 and a slightly high BABIP of 0.319. He could be a nice addition to a pitching staff when he returns. An owner should wait until he is for sure coming back and throwing before picking him up.

Travis Hafner (oblique) 23.8% owned – He is being dropped quite a bit in leagues. I know he only has DH intelligibility and at least 3 weeks from returning, but he is hitting 0.345 with 5 home runs. He definitely belongs on some owner’s DL or bench. A no brainer.

Derrek Lee (Oblique) 33.4% owned – Derrek begins baseball activities today and is able to come off the DL on Wednesday. It may be a few days later as he may need a little more rehab. He is not the ideal 1B candidate, but he has hitting for some power this season (4 home runs). I fully expect him to be owned in AL only and most deeper leagues due to a lack of options. In shallower leagues, I would expect there to be better players available than this declining vet when he returns.

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  1. SF 55 for life says:

    I had Pronk in a keeper league. Gave me good production but I had to drop him because my two DL spots are being occupied by Ryan Zimmerman and Stephen Strasburg. I will definitely add him once he comes back.

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  2. Saga says:

    Not sure if hafner is a must stash. He doesn’t figure to continue hitting for .345 (he will hit more like .270), especially when you consider he’s more of a 20 homer guy (he probably won’t play enough games to get there anyway). I say he’s more of a deep league stash.

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  3. Random Guy says:

    I’ve had Webb stashed on my DL all year but I guess I’m stuck with him now, as my roster is full and we can’t pick up injured free agents and send them directly to the DL. (That is, any time I pick up a player, I have to cut someone from my active roster. If I had another DL-eligible player then I would DL him, activate and cut Webb, and pick up whatever free agent I wanted; but I don’t have that situation at the moment. Which I guess is nice, since it seemed like half my team was on the DL a few weeks ago.)

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