Hitters Who Raked in June

Here are 10 fantasy hitters who really helped their teams in the month of June

10. Hanley Ramirez .298-4-25-17-9

While none of these numbers jump out at you, Ramirez contributed across the board last month. And those 9 SB were the fourth-highest in MLB. Some might prefer Carl Crawford here, and their months were very similar, but I preferred Ramirez’ 11-RBI edge to Crawford’s 2-SB lead.

9. Brandon Phillips .373-2-7-22-3

Yes, the HR and RBI numbers were nothing to get excited about. But Phillips finished in the top 10 in both AVG and R. And since people think I am too negative about Phillips in general, I thought I would recognize his fine month.

8. Rafael Furcal .362-3-16-21-4

After missing most of May with a strained hamstring, Furcal had an outstanding month in June. While some observers thought his defense suffered, Furcal showed no signs of the hamstring slowing him offensively.

7. Adrian Gonzalez .363-7-23-14-0

He finished in the top 10 in each of the Triple Crown numbers, which made up for the bagel in SB

6. Dustin Pedroia .374-4-16-19-6

His fine month was cut short when Pedroia broke his left foot while fouling a ball off on the 25th. The previous day he had a 5-for-5 game with 3 HR and 5 RBIs.

5. Adrian Beltre .376-7-19-19-0

The difference between fourth and eighth on this list is very small in my opinion. You could make a case for any order and I would not disagree with you.

4. Vladimir Guerrero .356-6-24-22-0

In early June I turned down an offer of Guerrero for Ubaldo Jimenez. Since that team needs offense, I think I might have screwed up.

3. Chris Coghlan .377-3-13-30-2

He led all hitters in runs scored in June and finished fourth in AVG.

2. David Wright .404-6-29-20-4

After posting a 37.1 K% in May, Wright was down to a more manageable 24 percent rate last month. He had a .486 BABIP for the month of June along with a .475 wOBA and a 202 wRC+.

1. Josh Hamilton .454-9-31-23-3

As great as Wright was in June, Hamilton was better. He led MLB in both AVG and RBIs, finished 2nd in HR and 5th in R. He was touted as a buy candidate here in early May and I hope you were able to add him to your team.

Honorable Mention – Crawford, Reyes, Boesch, Sanchez, M. Ramirez

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8 Responses to “Hitters Who Raked in June”

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  1. Tom B says:

    boesch and howard should be on this list. furcal and phillips should not.

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  2. agudajtes says:

    I agree with some of the players on the list but I’d agree with Tom B, in that furcal and phillips shouldn’t be on the list. I’d go something like this.

    10. J Reyes
    9. A Pujols
    8. A Gonzalez
    7. V Guerrero
    6. H Ramirez
    5. Pedroia
    4. B Boesch
    3. C Crawford
    2. D Wright
    1. J Hamilton

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  3. Htpp says:

    So is there no Rotographs chat today?

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  4. Brian Joura says:

    Rotographs chat at 4PM

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  5. lester bangs says:

    “He was touted as a buy candidate here in early May and I hope you were able to add him to your team.”

    I hate “I told you so” mentions. Otherwise, nice piece.

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  6. Kyle says:

    These cats love “I told you so’s…” You have to also this is the same site that said Buchholz was a fallen prospect, thought Strasburg deserved to be an all-star(which proves retards run it), and doubt that Clayton Kershaw is an ace. I must be Joe Morgan though…

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  7. crgibby says:

    You completely ignored Colby Rasmus. .286 – 9 – 19 – 15- 3.

    And Matt Holliday. .302 – 6 – 16 – 17 – 3.

    And of course Albert’s numbers are right up there as well.

    Rasmus, however, must be mentioned here. He had an incredible month.

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  8. Brian Joura says:

    I didn’t ignore Rasmus – he just wasn’t good enough to make this list. Just compare his numbers to Hanley Ramirez, the 10th player on this list. Ramirez beats him in AVG, RBIs, R and SB. And Ramirez’ edge in SB is as significant as Rasmus’ lead in HR.

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