Ike Davis & Trevor Bauer: Waiver Wire

Two youngsters this week, one a corner bat off to a dreadful start and another a starting pitcher yet to throw a big league inning…

Ike Davis | 1B | Mets | Owned: 38% Yahoo! and 27.0% ESPN

Things seem to be slowly coming around for Davis, who at -0.8 WAR, is no longer the worst player in baseball (Brennan Boesch at -1.1 WAR). He has a neat little eight-game hitting streak going that includes a monster three games against the Rays — 6-for-11 with a double, a homer, three walks, and two strikeouts — and has raised his OPS nearly 100 points. More importantly, his batted ball profile is starting to look like a power hitter’s…

It’s hard to hit for power when you’re beating the ball into the ground like Ike was earlier this season.

Now obviously an eight-game hitting streak doesn’t mean he’s cured of all ills, but the 25-year-old first baseman is starting to show some positive signs. Given his talent and the kind of production he’s capable of — .280-ish average, 30+ homers, 100+ RBI in a 5×5 league over a full season — he’s worth keeping an eye on just to see if this is the start of Davis getting back to being himself. ZiPS projects an unsightly .239/.323/.417 line the rest of the season but I think Ike can do quite a bit better.

Trevor Bauer | RHP | Diamondbacks | Owned: 19% Yahoo! and 3.4% ESPN

Mike Trout is a top-12 producer in WAR (2.9) and Bryce Harper is making headlines for every reason imaginable, leaving Bauer as the next uber-prospect in line for a promotion to the big leagues. The 21-year-old right-hander followed up his eight dominant (2.72 FIP) starts in Double-A with six equally dominant (2.82 FIP) starts in Triple-A, and he’s starting to get his walk issue under control — two walks or less in three straight starts and in five of his last seven starts.

Bauer is a strikeout machine (career 11.9 K/9 and 30.7 K%) and should post lower than usual BABIPs as a fly ball guy — he’s admitted to preferring fly balls over ground balls on Twitter, so it is a conscious thing — the perfect combination for a division with some huge parks and offensively challenged teams. The D’Backs are going to call Bauer up at some point in the coming weeks — the only thing standing is his way is Joe Saunders or an injury — and you’re going to want to have him on your roster and ready to go right from the first start.

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  1. lester bangs says:

    Ike has been drawing walks of late, too. Strikeouts down. All good signs.

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  2. Joel says:

    I’m on board with Trevor Bauer, he’s waiting for his call.

    When does Danny Hultzen see the bigs? He’s another uber prospect, also dominating. Not as many strikeouts, though.

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    • Stan Gable says:

      Yeah, I don’t think Daniel Hultzen has the same kind of upside that Trevor Bauer does. He’s more of a middle of the rotation type probably – think a slightly more talented version of what some folks thought Mike Minor was supposed to be.

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      • CabreraDeath says:

        I think Hultzen’s ceiling – while lower than Bauer’s – gets underrated. I know Newman really likes Hultzen and I think Mike knows his stuff, especially because he has seen him and analyzed him.

        I see more of a strong #2, who will benefit from Seattle’s park, and who will perform pretty solid from the jump.

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  3. ilzilla says:

    On the chart, which color represents what?

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  4. mcbrown says:

    Davis is approaching 1000 PAs at the major league level. Isn’t it possible he’s just not the guy people hoped he would become?

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    • JTin says:

      I’m not sure where this question is coming from. First year in the bigs (2010), Davis hit .264/.351/.440 in 600 PA…2nd year (2011) on pace to do even better, .302/.383/.543 in 150 PA before injuries cost him the season. His 2011 pace numbers were 28/80/100/.280, pretty much exactly what Mike stated.

      The only negative numbers I see are from his 200-PA start to this season. I wouldn’t throw those numbers out, but his potential alone makes him worthy of a pickup. I just grabbed him in my weekly 12-team mixed; better to get in at the first signs of a turnaround than wait for the breakout and then get in queue with everyone else.

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  5. VALLEY FEVER says:

    GOT YA, IKE.

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  6. Fox in Sox says:

    Ike Davis or Mark Reynolds the rest of the way (point league)?

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  7. gonetilnovember says:

    no mention of Tulo getting a HR and single off Bauer his 1st two ABs of his rehab before he left the game? Hmm. I wouldn’t be so sure about him being MLB ready.

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