Interesting Week Four Two-Start Pitchers

A fair number of stars, like Chad Billingsley and Dan Haren, are slated for two starts in Week 4. But since you are going to start those guys anyway, let’s take a look at some other pitchers you may be on the fence about who are projected for two starts in those leagues with weeks starting on Monday.

Joe Blanton – Yes, he has yet to win a game and holds an ugly 7.31 ERA. He also has two home starts against soft tossers Shairon Martis and Livan Hernandez, pitchers against whom his teammates should be able to provide him with some runs. And Blanton does have 16 strikeouts in 16 innings this season.

Edwin Jackson – In four games this season, Jackson has a nifty 1.04 WHIP along with a 2.77 ERA. This week he gets two home starts. On Tuesday he is scheduled to go against Chien-Ming Wang, who has not been setting the world on fire, and Sunday he goes up against Cliff Lee, who already has three losses on the year.

Kyle Lohse – In home games this year, Lohse is 3-0 with a 1.29 ERA. In his lone road start, he gave up four ER in five IP. In 2008, his road ERA was 1.11 runs higher than his home mark. Lohse has road starts in Atlanta and at Washington this week.

Chris Young – In this week’s Trade Possibilities column, I highlighted Young as a player to move. Some thought that was over the top, given he had just one bad start. This week could be a bad one for Young, as he has road starts in Colorado and at Los Angeles. In the last two years, Young has allowed 11 runs in 18 IP in Coors Field and 16 runs in 16 IP at Dodger Stadium.

Barry Zito – In 2008, Pablo Sandoval caught Zito five times and the lefty had a 3.21 ERA with four quality starts when Sandoval was his catcher. In his last outing, Zito pitched seven scoreless innings with Sandoval behind the dish. Maybe manager Bruce Bochy, a former catcher, can connect the dots and make Sandoval Zito’s personal catcher on a full-time basis. Zito has home starts against the Dodgers and Rockies.

Other scheduled two-start pitchers in Week 4 are listed below. Please remember that these are projected pitchers and changes can and will happen between now and next week.

Billingsley, Sabathia, Zambrano, Haren, Shields, Danks, Oswalt, Lilly, Lee, Meche, Jurrjens, Nolasco, Verlander, Millwood, Cueto, Wolf, Maine, Penny, Baker, Guthrie, Wakefield, Wang, Bush, Webb, Purcey, Pineiro, Looper, Lannan, Anderson, Niemann, Bannister, Martis, Hernandez, Richmond, Loux, Hammel, Jakubauskas, Geer and Harrison.

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8 Responses to “Interesting Week Four Two-Start Pitchers”

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  1. Kevin S. says:

    Brian, it’s almost a certainty that the Yanks won’t use Wang for that start. Reading between the lines of what Nardi Contreras said after his extended ST game, the Yanks are setting him up for a DL stint. I don’t know that facing Phil Hughes necessarily changes your recommendations on Jackson, just wanted to point out that he’s the likely opponent.

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  2. R M says:

    That’s interesting about Zito and Sandoval. Was the ERA legit or was it just good luck?

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    • Mike says:

      Considering the sample size being used here, luck seems likely. But I can’t say I’ve actually reviewed the numbers. If anyone wants to do that, I’d be interested in the results.

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      • Alireza says:

        5 starts isn’t exactly a small sample size. That is approximately 16% of Zito’s starts. That said, his BABIP with Sandoval was a mere .248 while his K/BB was his best of any catcher at 1.53 (still not good). A big difference was the number of home runs at only 1, which combined with the BABIP means he probably kept the ball on the ground.

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  3. Eric says:

    My fantasy team only wishes Webb was going to get 2 starts this week

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  4. Kevin S. says:

    And Wang most certainly has been setting the world on fire – those scorchers he gives up spontaneously combust!

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  5. Ezra says:

    That statistic about the Zito/Sandoval combo is very interesting… 7 scoreless is nothing to scoff at for Zito. I wonder if they would start Molina at 1B to keep his “cleanup” bat in the lineup?

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