Jedd Gyorko is Still Criminally Underowned

Howard Bender wrote on May eighth that Jedd Gyorko could help you on the waiver wire, and apparently all of you have not listened. Well, maybe those of you who read it have, but he is only owned in 51% of Yahoo! leagues so apparently not enough people are reading RotoGraphs.

With dual eligibility at second and third (which also means MI and CI possibilities too, which is huge), Gyorko has had a great month of May with a 157 wRC+ and all six of his home runs. The youngster is heating up as most expected him to before the season, and if he is available in your league and you have not picked him up I have to assume you are not interested in winning your league. His .258 ISO for the month has pushed his season mark to .165 despite not hitting any home runs in April. His April was also not tremendously awful, it was just not up to expectations. An 87 wRC+ in a 24-year-old’s first month in the Major Leagues is nothing to scoff at.

What is especially positive is Gyorko’s ability to produce at home thus far. He has 105 plate appearances at home and has hit four of his six home runs in one of the most difficult home ballparks for hitters in the league. To top it off, he has a .341/.419/.560 line which amasses a 188 wRC+. While his away wRC+ is just 48, we have to expect that to improve over time. His home stats will regress as well, but the fact that he has hit this well in an extremely difficult home ballpark is a very big positive.

I believe the ZiPS projections are a bit light on Gyorko at this point. He hit 30 home runs last year between double-A and triple-A and has hit six this month. ZiPS has him hitting just 11 for the remainder of the season. I would be surprised if he did not hit at least 15 more long balls. That would push him over 20 homers, and I expect that to happen with this powerful young bat. As a middle infielder, 20 home run power is awfully impressive. We of course wish he would run a bit more, but showing plus power in his second month in the league is a great sign for anyone invested into Gyorko in long term leagues.

It is simple, if you are in a league that has Gyorko on the wire pick him up immediately. If you think an owner would be willing to move him, trade for him. Power from the middle infield spots is not an easy thing to come by, so make sure you make every attempt within reason to get Gyorko on your roster.

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  1. monsteryu says:

    ive been watching gyorko closely. im holding arenado over gyorko b/c of coorsfield factor. shoulda i go wire and make a change?


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  2. Sgt Hulka says:

    You gotta give him a cool nickname to get his ownership up. How about Judge Jedd? Much better than Jerkstore.

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  3. Petruchio says:

    The big question is Gyorko or Headley. They play side by side, but Headley’s been the opposite of what he was last year – productive with walks (11.6% BB) and defense (+5 Fld/UZR) but quiet with counting stats.

    I ran out Gyorko while Headley was on the DL and he wasn’t very good, and I ended up missing his hot month. Now I’ve got both but only one position to play at. I’m not really sure who to run, and I have similar decisions at SS and UTL this season.

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  4. ncb says:

    The scouts on this site HATE Gyorko. Most think last year’s power was more a factor of the park/league and an aberration than actually sustainable.

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    • sailenac says:

      4 of his 6 homers have been at home (he hit 3 to dead center, one to upper deck in left field) None of those are easy to do at Petco. He also hit 1 of them to left in Seattle. Not easy either. Also, 3 vs R’s and 3 vs L’s. The power is there. Sickle also said before the season that he has a MLB ready bat. 30 HR in one year isnt that easy in the PCL either. If its so easy to hit HRs there, then how come some of the better power hitters didnt amass that many HRs?

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  5. supershredder says:

    Wow I had no idea there was this much hate for Gyorko. I’ve owned him all season in most leagues and where I don’t I tried trading for him but to no avail. I guess 50% of Y! leagues are stupid!

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  6. fei says:

    I have an extra MI and want to deal Geddyko for an OF, name me some OF’s I can expect to get back for him? I was thinking maybe a De Aza or Pagan type?

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  7. TJ says:

    As a short term (hopefully short) fill-in for Ian Kinsler I think Gyorko is a solid option.

    However, I don’t know if I should continue to start him or make a move for Profar who is still on waivers…who do you think will contribute more while Kinsler is sidelined?

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  8. STEALTH says:

    I added Gyorko to play 3B for me, but then Kinsler got hurt and I traded for Trumbo (3B eligible in Y!), so Gyorko has been a perfect replacement at 2B.

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  9. Shawnuel says:

    I don’t think the scouts HATE Gyorko. They just don’t feel the hype lives up to the future production.

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    • ncb says:

      This if from a chat at the end of April:
      Any fantasy MI help going to come up soon? Stuck with Gyoroko for now and worried he may not get to 15 HRs.

      Mike Newman: 15? I’d be worried about 5+ right now.

      JD Sussman: This is why you don’t trust stats by the way. There was no scouting report that had him as a power guy.

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  10. Justin says:

    MI has been nice to me. Took Tulo early then waited and ended up with Carpenter, Rutledge and Gyorko. Still fuming about Rutledge’s demotion from a weak hitting shortstop of a manager, but at lease it has made me play Carpenter and Gyorko this month.

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  11. Paul says:

    Would it make sense to pick up Gyorko and dump Morneau in my 10 team 6×5 league? I can shift Trumbo to CI and put Jedd at my UTL spot. I do have power at MI (Tulo and Segura).

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    • Paul says:

      Fyi- Morneau’s avg and rbi production helps a good deal. Here’s the rest of my lineup.

      C- McCann
      1b- E5
      2b- Altuve
      SS- Tulo
      3b- Beltre
      MI- Segura
      CI- Morneau
      OF- Trumbo
      OF- Rios
      OF- Holliday
      OF- Choo
      UTL- Marte

      I’ve stocked up on starters and don’t currently have a hitter for a bench spot. Most owners in my league don’t and I need to match for Wins and Ks.

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    • Cuck city says:

      Morneau sux bro,

      pick him up you pussy

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      • Paul says:

        He doesn’t suck if he’s on pace for 115 RBIs and has a better than decent average.

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  12. gbaked says:

    how funny you just posted this.

    working on improving my offense.Was offered Jedd Gyorko for Zack Wheeler.

    I have been lacking in Runs and BA. And my pitching is solid (not world beating, but it is what is leading my team).

    I have Scherzer, Cain, T.Wood, Minor, Cahill, Cashner and some bench pitchers…

    13 team 5×5 very deep keeper league.

    Not sure if Gyorko is worth it for Zach… thoughts?


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  13. centerfield ballhawk says:

    Just dealt for him in an OBP league. Gave away Mujica, who has saves in four games in a row. The plan was to replace Rickie Weeks, who I drafted all over the place this year. I know saves are easy to replace, but did I give up too much in Mujica?

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  14. mikeincmn says:

    This may seem crazy, but Gyrko or Brett Lawrie who is injured again and has been plain awful.

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  15. Emcee Peepants says:

    I just had Lawrie go down as my only 3rd baseman, have Segura and Desmond, so I was considering dealing Lowrie for Gyorko? Good deal?

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  16. 2B Help says:

    Would you drop Altuve for Gyorko? Howie Kendrick is also on the waiver wire but I am not sure I will be able to get with my waiver priority. If I was able to get him, who would be your favorite among these three?

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  17. IndyBravos says:

    Kyle Seager or Gyorko ROS?

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  18. justincredible says:

    Gyorko or Scutaro ROS?

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